Walktrendy and My First #OOTD Post

Walktrendy asked me to check out their website. They sell trendy street clothes online. They offer free shipping worldwide. Sunnie of Walktrendy was kind enough to send me the dress I wanted. I got my package in two weeks. Well, if only the Philippine post office was prompt enough to inform me I have a package! I had to go to the post office to inquire after a month of not receiving any notice. I was too happy to receive the package that I did not rant about it anymore.

I chose this dress.


If you want the right size, you have to take out the measuring tape and check their sizing chart.  I can usually fit medium but in their chart, I am large. Ouch!  I ignored my ego and got the large one. It is easier to alter from large to medium than medium to large.


I have to come to the part of the post where I have to post how the dress fits me.  I would have taken a clearer photo but I couldn’t wait until somebody else could take my photo. So I settled with using the self-timer and doing the shoot indoors. Brace yourself for my first #OOTD post. This is difficult for me since I do not know how to pose. I just have to settle for that ‘faraway look’  type of pose.  Hahaha!


The dress was my size. No need to alter.


The hemline is just above my knee so my thunder thighs are hidden away.


Next week is my aunt’s birthday. I now have a dress to wear. Thanks, Walktrendy!

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