This Morning at the Market

This is the market scene in my town.

This is the Tabuan. It is a market where farmers (supposed-to-be) sell their produce. It is an open space with no tables so vendors display their products by spreading them on the floor.  Today is Holy Tuesday. In anticipation of stores closing down on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, we went to the market to buy food.

We bought fruits, vegetables and fish for the Holy Week.

All photos are shot using my Nokia 6230i. It has a 1.3MP camera that still captures decent outdoor photos.

This is a pond near the market. I took a rest under the trees after walking from that large building carrying kilos of fruits and vegetables.


I had a long day so I ended the day with fits of laughter from these guys.












Today is Day 3 of the 30-day blogging challenge.


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