The tree is up!

I remember a friend posted this on Facebook.

This was my reality yesterday. There was a brownout. I took it as a sign for me to do the things I planned to do that were derailed because I often got stuck surfing the Internet.  I have long planned to put up the Christmas tree this year. I have skipped six Christmases of no decorating except for this mini-tree.

Since the spring cleaning, I try to be a little more meticulous with the upkeep of the house. I felt that putting up the tree make Christmas more festive. The brownout was a sign for me to get my butt of the swivel chair and exercise my creativity. After all, I observed my mother did all that effortlessly for 26 years. I hope I acquired some of her flair for decorating.

I had to rearrange some furniture to allot some space for the tree. Moving furniture was tiring. Oh my! My mother used to rearrange the furniture every month. Yeah, she was one hardworking woman.  I got my father’s genes on that aspect.

I finally got the tree up.

I was so tempted to leave this as it is.  Ha! Take note of the time: the tree was up by 10:30 AM. I started with putting it up past  8 AM.  It took time to rearrange the furniture and I wiped off the dust on each branch.

We had boxes and boxes of ornaments yet none of the boxes contain the lights. Did we throw all the lights? I had to go out and buy three boxes of rice lights. I like the rice lights because it is tinier so it twinkles (as opposed to blinking). Since we have dozens of Christmas balls and ornaments of different colors, I decided to group the balls into threes for a change.  Thus, it took me longer to finish the decorating the tree.

This is my tree. This is the first time that I decorated our Christmas tree on my own.

I finished decorating at around 5PM yesterday.  There was already electricity even before I finished.

Butuan Lights Up!

On Friday evening, we trooped to the city’s Rizal park to witness how to it was transformed into Disneyland ( an overstatement, I know). Huge crowd turned up and I braved the crowded park to take photos.

Can you see the crowd? We were waiting for the fireworks. No dice. I guess the city government did not have the budget. The lights were a little subdued but I like it. I still feel the Christmas spirit.

Christmas is near! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Other Christmas tree ideas

If I have money to burn, this pink Christmas tree from Amazon looks cute and unique.

Apartment therapy has some nice alternatives.


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