The New Art Form

Understanding art is a complex process. A painting, for example, can appear profound to you but, for others,  it may look confusing.  Art also seemed elitist.  Paintings and sculptures can fetch quite a hefty price tag that only a few seemed to appreciate its value.  Even if I sometimes do not understand the value of a work of art, I agree to this poster:


I believe that art can be found anywhere. Oftentimes, I call a thing of beauty an art. From my point of view, beauty is art and art is beauty. That said, I still do not make an effort to do a regular beauty regimen. I read a Leonardo Da Vinci quote saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” I found myself agreeing to it only to realize that I agree to it because I found an alibi to my laziness.

My cousin who is in high school was enrolled in a subject called “Beauty Care”. They were taught skills for an alternative career. She learned how to do manicure and pedicure. For the past year, my aunts and I have been abusing her skills and enjoying the luxury of getting out nails done by her (at our beck and call). Hehe! She needs to practice anyway.


She is still a beginner so I help her find manicure tips on the Internet. Judging from the different nail designs I saw, manicure has been elevated as an art form. I saw different ways for which a person can embellish the nails.  I used to think having painted nails does not serve a purpose and I would rant about it.  Now, I no longer rant. I understand the how nail pampering can relieve stress and make me feel better.  I am currently looking at the beautiful colors available at Julep maven. These days, my nails still remained unpainted because I could not decide what color to choose!  I might venture with one of those nail art one day. I am still gathering the  confidence to pull it off.

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