The Gelatin Experiment

Last month, I bought these gelatin moulds in our stopover in Cebu from Puerto Princesa.

A week after I bought these, I was excited to give the moulds a try. Using gelatin for dessert is quite straightforward. You just have to follow the instructions on the packet. I added food color in my experiment and some of the mixture had condensed milk. This is the first batch I made.

I unmolded the mixture unto a pan and covered a colored yet transparent gelatin mixture over it. To give emphasis on the individual designs,  my aunt and I had the idea of putting them on individual containers.  Coincidentally, it was my other aunt’s turn to sponsor snacks for her prayer group. Thus, one Saturday afternoon, we labored over creating these.

Unlike the first experiment,  we poured a milky pink gelatin.

Sorry for the glare in the photo. Anyway, we had an excess mixture that we make into one single gelatin pan for personal consumption.

When my aunt’s classmates had a mini-reunion at home, we made another batch. When we saw the final product we realized they look like votive candles. 😀

I guess it is safe to say that we will have more gelatin experiments in the future. My nephew loves gelatin and it does not matter whether it is in a beautiful mould like the ones we used. I found this on Pinterest:



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