The First Beauty Post

… and probably the last.

It is Sunday and the neighbor’s Sunday music blasts outside. Good thing they have good taste in music. I am listening to some cool 90’s rock that I do not listen to but I have grown to liking because of the adlib on the instruments. Sunday is a lazy day. Today, the weather is good and it would have been a perfect day to spend some time at the beach but here I am writing this blog post.

My hard disk is beginning to accumulate unimportant files so I cleaned the drive of the junk I have been hoarding. I came across some vanity photos.  I am far from being a beauty blogger.  I may have accumulated beauty products in my drawer but I have not gotten used to applying them. One day, when age takes over, I’ll be applying product upon product on my face. Right now, I am too busy to be bothered by such superficial task of putting makeup or trying to control my unruly hair. There is always face powder and hair elastics to fix whatever imperfections I have.  I can always smile.  Because somebody said…

My cousin who lives with me has “Beauty Care” as one of her alternative class in high school.  She learned how to do manicure and pedicure.  I had my first manicure last year. I found this photo in one of my folders. These were taken using my phone’s camera.

I don’t get my nails done frequently. On most days, this is how my nails look.

They don’t look bad, right?

My cousin recently got her nails painted with cracked nail polish.  I might try this one day. Just for fun. Right now, I am too chicken to try.

I recently got my annual hair cut. This is the cycle of my hair: I have a haircut early in the year and let my hair grow the rest of the year. Also, I do not go to a salon. I call on a friend and ask her to cut my hair. (Yes, I am cheap.)

Before I got my haircut, I experimented with my long hair first. It may take months before I can do something fancy with it again.

How about some curls? Using my reliable clamps, I twisted my hair and secured the bum tightly like this.

When I removed the clamps later in the day, my hair looks like this.

When I was a child, my friends and I used cassava stems to curl our hair.  Whenever I see a cassava plant, I see it as an opportunity to curl my hair.

The fleshy object on my hair are the pliant cassava stems.

When I remove the stems, this is how it looks.

How about some braids? In the same beauty care class, my cousin learned how to braid the hair. I was her practice client.

I am the least vain among the people in the house. If you ask my aunt how they would describe me, they always say that I am simple.  Maybe I mask my vanity through simplicity.

But then again, who is vainer than a person who does not make an effort to enhance how she looks because she does not feel the need to?  HA!

One day, I will conquer my fear of looking silly.

Let me end this long post with a word from the wise. 😉

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