The Cupcake Experiment

The first batch of cupcakes I made that I frosted was in February.

The frosting was made of butter, sugar and powdered grape juice. Because we live in a tropical climate, the humidity easily melted the buttercream frosting which we then refrigerated to prevent it from melting. Refrigeration caused the frosting to harden so eating the cupcake felt like eating a block of butter.

Still, I continued icing birthday cakes using butter for aunt’s birthday…

… and mine.

After my birthday, I lamented over on Facebook that my birthday cake was the last cake I would frost in a little while. I expressed my problems with buttercream and my fear of using raw egg whites for frosting. My baker friends came to the rescue by introducing me to some frosting techniques and explaining how boiled icing is more apt for humid weather like ours. I promised I would give frosting another try.

My friends celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary and I wanted to bake something for them.  I wanted to do rainbow cupcakes with chocolate frosting but I was not successful with the chocolate frosting recipe and have of my cupcakes burned so I ended up giving them only 12 pieces of cupcakes with no frosting.

Photo courtesy of my friend, Wela.

Good thing, one of their children declared that he likes the cupcakes.

In October, my aunt celebrated her birthday so I took it as an opportunity to bake cupcakes one more time.  I think I got it right this time. Thanks to my friends and boiled icing!

A week after, I tried another batch. I wanted a cupcake frosting that looks like a rose. These are almost the rosettes I wanted but not quite. A reminder: Buy the Wilton tip 1M.

Two days ago, I was asked to bake cupcakes for my aunt’s get-together with friends and I came up with these.

Currently, I have 6 hours of experience on baking cupcakes from scratch and frosting them. I have 9,994 hours to go before becoming an expert. 😀

Because of all the cupcake baking I did, I thought about setting up a home-based cupcake business like those ebay sellers who are earning through their home-based businesses. However, I also realized that even a small online business venture requires capital to get the initial inventory going. Maybe I can tap those internet-lending scheme once I find the cupcake recipes I can be proud of. Who knows? For now, I just have to hone my baking talent first.


Source: via Allie on Pinterest

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