The Best Lechon

I just found out that Twitter has an “embed this tweet” option. I used to screen capture the tweet and add the captured photograph as an image to blog post. Now there is an option to just embed using some html codes. Cool! Travel Time posted this question on May 2.

Travel Time agreed.

Truth is, there were only a few occasions where I tasted non-Butuan lechon and I forgot how they taste like. The lechon I enjoy most is the one from our suking lechonero.  The skin is crispy and tasty. I can taste the spices in the meat (garlic, salt , pepper, lemongrass).  Our lechon does not need any sauce although I prefer to dip it in vinegar with salt and garlic. The non-crispy part of the skin (tummy area) is not tough; it is soft like lechon paksiw.  Yummy!

When I wrote “the best”, it is based on my own experience and preference.  I am not inciting argument with other regions who are also known to have a good recipe for lechon.  This is just my love for my hometown showing (or my love for good food). I search through my folders of photos for lechon and I found the photos where some parts of it were already eaten.  It only shows that we cannot resist lechon. This is the only decent lechon photo I have and there is a flower vase blocking it! The safest thing to say is: The best roasted pig is found in the Philippines!

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