She’s Only Sixteen

This truth hurts sometimes.


Source: via Viki on Pinterest


My choice of music is based on what sounds good in my ears. So it is refreshing to listen to new music from young musicians that is pleasant to hear (and gentle on my eardrums.) This is one of them. Please watch and listen.

Aren’t they great?



About that quote, I AM KIDDING!

Learn about the group here:

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Buy their music:

Their debut single is only P25.00!

Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, the handsome member of the group is my nephew. I sound biased so I won’t say who but you can choose who is the most good-looking one for you and leave a comment. We’ll see if I am telling the truth. haha By the way, they are all good-looking. Sheer talent makes them look gwapo.

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