Secured Premises with PERCo access control systems

I remember watching James Bond movies and the Jetsons cartoons and wondered if those nifty gadget would soon become reality. Slowly, some devices have slowly found its way to our normal lives. We can now communicate face-to-face (actually, screen-to-screen) in our mobile devices. We still do not have the Jetsons flying car though. That would have been a cool.

New technologies have change that way we think about accessibility. We have become more open and we reach so many people at the same time. Often, there is a thin line between personal and public lives. As we try to reach out to many people, we sometimes forget that we have opened ourselves to our own vulnerabilities. We must find a balance between accessibility and security.

The same can be said about the security of commercial spaces.  Businesses need to be appear inviting to the right people without appear closed and cold. Some times when you put walls and security personnel, the business space would look like a fortress rather than a cordial and welcoming space. To have security with without being obtrusive, there is the PERCo access control systems. For corporations, employees can have can access card which allows them to enter the premises easily. Turnstile systems can be equipped with cameras so you can monitor who goes in and out the premises. The company will have strict and tight security without having to appear cold and unwelcoming.

Photo from PERCo

Photo from PERCo

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