Pretty Shoes for My Ugly Feet

I am not a shoe person because I have ugly feet.  I would often say that they are like carabao’s feet. No offense meant towards carabaos.  Their feet were made for the tough terrain. Hey, maybe mine is designed for that, too!  But I live in a city with paved roads and I walk beside people with pretty feet. I am only human. I get jealous of their pretty feet.

I seldom shop for shoes. I shop when I NEED one. Just like I did when I first visited The Fort area.  I wore my office shoes. (read: black leather shoes) while walking around. It was not comfortable so I bought the cheapest sneakers I could find. And the brand is called… (drum roll, please) Evans!  Hehe! I learned not to judge the shoes with its name because it has been 4.5 years since  bought the shoes and I still use them. Durable shoes. <3

Sometimes I buy shoes because they are cheap. I found these being sold in the sidewalk for P100. These must have been sold cheaper somewhere else.  I really don’t know if these are fake versions of branded ones. I have limited knowledge on shoe brands.  I bought these because they are made of rubber so they are soft on the feet.

The gray shoes are mine. My cousin wore her black flats.

I like traveling  and I travel light.   I often find myself looking for ways where I can still wear comfortable shoes and be able to pack them well. I bring one pair of shoes and  1 pair of slippers.  There was one trip I completely ditched my shoes and wore slippers the entire trip.  If only I have bought Suelas before that trip, I would not have exposed my ugly feet to the world. Haha! I learned of this brand years ago from Patty Laurel‘s blog but I never really got around ordering a pair until last July when they put some of their shoes on SALE. Yes, the operative word is SALE. The word makes my heart beat a little faster.  (Oh, I am such a cheapskate.) I placed an order and after a series of email since I my order confirmation got sent to my spam folder, I am a proud owner of these comfortable  shoes.

The shoes come with their own bag for easy packing when traveling.

These are foldable flats but these are not the flimsy kind I found in one store. Thick cushioned soles.   It was comfortable.

I wore my shoes when I had ninang (godmother) duties early this month. My cousin whispered that I have nice shoes. Thanks, Suelas!

There is another shoe brand that I have been following lately. It is called Lulu Swing.Their shoes are so cute. My ugly feet wants to try them. I think it is a new brand because they still have a few designs on their portfolio but they are slowly releasing previews of their future designs. They showed this one early this week and I love them.


If they are going to release this before my birthday, I am thinking of buying a pair as a birthday gift to myself. I just wish that my size 8 ugly feet will be as pretty as these sandals.

Oh my! I am turning into a shoe lover. I am now confused which pair to get. I love that these two brands (Suelas and Lulu Swing) are developed in the Philippines. I believe the brands were founded by young entrepreneurs. Yay! To get updates from these two interesting brands, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Suelas Website: Facebook: Twitter: Lulu Swing Facebook: Twitter:



P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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