Pablo came and left

We had a pretty fair weather the past week.  By Sunday,December 2,  we had blue skies and the sun was bright. However, I am subscribed to  K’s weather and more  on Facebook. Karen, the Facebook page owner, warned of a possible super typhoon.

This was my Facebook status on Sunday morning.

Glad to have shared that update because there are many who are unaware of the situation.

That afternoon, I went out to buy items we might need during the storm. Good thing I compiled all the infographics when monsoon rains flooded Metro Manila last August.  I had to read them again to check if I got everything on my list.

The weather was nice.  This was Monday morning December 3, 2012, 8:43AM.

By the 12 noon of that day, Signal #3 was issued for Caraga Region.

Source: National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council

I have to commend PAGASA for issuing the warning ahead of time. Schools have suspended classes immediately.  We have to be prepared even if we had a beautiful day as pretty as this one.

Look, a rainbow over Butuan at 5:08PM on December 3, 2012!

Pablo was expected to make landfall at 4AM of December 4, 2012.  During that time, there was on and off rain in Butuan. It was not catastrophic.  We had experienced severe raining compared to that morning.

This was how our street looked at 9:49AM of December 4, 2012.

There was a brownout so my aunt did a little project.  She turned non-functioning wall clocks into picture frames. Talk about time management! 🙂

The period between 11AM to 2PM was the scariest because that was when we felt Pablo passed by.  The power was still out and we can hear the winds rattling the roofs. There was no rain but there was fear that the strong winds could really do some damage. When it looked like the winds calmed down, I went to sleep.  I do not know if it was a dream or not but I could still hear rattling of roofs while asleep. When I woke up at 3:30PM,  it was quite in our house so I bugged everyone that we should eat snacks. After all, we did some grocery shopping. 😀  Power was still out and it was a little dark outside at 5:30PM.  The good thing: no rain and no wind.


We got bored so we had a little candle light photography.

Actually, that is not a candle. It is a homemade light which is the safer and smokeless alternative to using a candle. You can make your own smokeless light. See photo below.

At 6:19 PM, the lights were back on.

The streets looked like nothing happened.

Thank you, God!

Not everyone experienced the typhoon the way we did. There are kababayans who need our help. I hope you find it your heart to extend your help to those who are severely affected by typhoon Pablo.

The government calls for donations.

I believe typhoon Pablo can’t stop Christmas.


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