May 2015 Roundup

It is almost July and I have a blogging backlog. I cannot start writing about the past month without this gratitude post to everything that happened. May was a busy month. (What month isn’t?)  My month was filled of activities- some creative, some fun, some experiments and some fun, creative experiments.

May was pretty hot and humid. I had to move my workarea to one closer to the window so I could feel some breeze.


Our dog  who used to hang out  near me went to find a cooler place to rest. She was in my aunt’s house under the table.  It was that hot.


Even with the hot weather, we had to move and prepare because May is fiesta month! Buntings in the park were up as early as the last week of April. My cousin who would not be able to attend the celebration posed for photo near the church.


She was around for the alumni homecoming of her high school  and she also helped my other cousin prepare for the different activities since our cousin’s batch is the silver jubilarian. They had a fairy theme in one of the parties.


Of course,  I had to try the headdress, too.  I hang around while they were preparing.


Because fiesta was coming up, we experimented on some recipes.

We tried kutsinta.


We had mango-sago dessert.

food2 (2)

I tried to cook leche flan.


Since I only used egg yolks in the leche flan, I had to look for desserts that use egg whites in the ingredients. I tried Pavlova. I cooked this in the microwave.

food1 (2)

Not all the food we made were meant for the fiesta celebration. I tried to make homemade ice cream for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight which turned out to be a comfort food rather than a celebratory dessert. We all know what happened.


Some good food are not experiments but gifts from generous friends. In one Saturday, we had laing and dried squid for lunch.


Some lunch food are made by  my aunt’s former cook.


My May was also spent bonding with friends.

My high school classmate from General Santos City visited me.


My friends and I had a breakfast get-together with a visiting friend.


We went to our grade school alumni homecoming.


We also attended my friend’s parent’s wedding anniversary.


I was the designated photographer at the wedding. A 50th wedding anniversary deserved to be celebrated!


May was also mother’s day and this year is also mama’s 10th death anniversary. I said a prayer and offered mass for my mama.


Of course, I practiced some calligraphy. I joined the Flourish Forum and there is a birthday exchange where we mail birthday cards to celebrants for the month who enlisted in the exchange.  My calligraphy is still shaky but I made the cards anyway.


I learned how to do zentangles. It’s fun.


All in all, May was a great month and I am thankful for the memories, experiences  and blessings.


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