Masao Sunday

Last Sunday, my cousins and I went to the beach. Masao is the closest beach to the city. We brought the dogs along. This is not the first beach trip with the doggies but this is the first time I brought my camera with me.

The last time we went to the beach we had Joaqui on a leash at the back of the vehicle. At the first street corner from our house, he jumped off which prompted us to allow him to sit beside me inside the vehicle. His fur was all over me and my shirt looked like I rolled on the dirt. He moved from one window to the next, enjoying the ride.

This time around, my cousin volunteered to accompany him at the back. He seemed to be enjoying the ride.

 This is one of my cousins’ mini-pinschers. He’s cute.

 This is Joaqui’s favorite spot while the vehicle is moving.

 But when we met a tricycle carrying a girl on its roof, Joaqui took notice.

Only in the Philippines.  We really do not put importance on passenger safety. In this photo above, there are three things that are not allowed in other countries.  Riding at the back of pickup-type vehicle like we were doing, riding on top a vehicle and riding (and driving) a motorcycle without a helmet.

If these people have to apply for a driver’s license in the United States, they will have to unlearn whatever they have learned from driving in the Philippines and they will need to check out practice test. It is a quick way to review the key concepts for a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) test.  I say that it is a quick way because the DMV driver handbook  is over a hundred pages! Oh my!

That said, we arrived safe and sound. This is Joaqui and I with the Magellan monument at the back.

Masao, Butuan was where Magellan landed to celebrate the first mass in the country. Although history books told us it was in Limasawa, Butuanons refute that claim based on Pigafetta’s account that they landed on a place called Masaua (with coordinates that point to Masao).  My father said that an earlier historian made a footnote that it is probably in Limasawa in Leyte. Historians, thereafter,  removed the ‘probably’ and declared Limasawa. But we know the truth. 😀

Enough with the history lesson, let us just enjoy the beach.  The dogs (and  the people) did.

Joaqui  got tired with all the swimming and had to rest on the sand. 😀

Oh, the sunset was beautiful. What a way to end a trip to the beach!

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.


Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

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