Homecooked Gourmet Meal

My cousin came to visit us over the weekend. It has been a while since she came home to visit us so I was excited with the idea of her spending the weekend with us. Some of my weekend plans got shortened to make time for her. She arrived on a Saturday afternoon. Immediately after she arrived that afternoon, we went to the grocery to buy stuff she is going to cook for us over while she is on vacation. I know what you are thinking now. She is supposed to be on vacation yet we are letting her cook for us. She loves to cook for us so why deprive her of what she loves to do? Aren’t we lucky?

This is the tuna pesto pasta she cooked for us during the lunch that day after she arrived. (She cooked for us chicken and soup the night before but I forgot to take a picture.)


I would have shared the recipe but I let her do her thing and did not hover while she cooked. I took advantage of her being around and just chilled waiting for the cooked dish.

Judging by the empty plate after our lunch, I think my picky aunt loved the pasta. That is a huge deal because my aunt is the type who is not fond of trying a new dish.  And she is very transparent when she does not like the food. She could not hide that little smirk when she does not like something. Ha! She truly loved the food this time. Maybe my cousin should come visit us often.

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