Camiguin in a Day

This is the summer vacation with the family.

We wanted to save our hotel budget so we purposely wanted to spend only one night in Camiguin. We chose to stay overnight at Camiguin Highland Resort.  The hotel is far from the town proper. When we arrived in the afternoon, we spent the rest of the day at the hotel.  Aside from us, there was only one other group booked in the hotel so we look like we own the place.  We had the pool all to ourselves.

We got in touch with a multicab driver and arranged for a day tour for the next day. We already told him that we are staying in Highland  and that we intended to leave Camiguin in the afternoon. He agreed to fetch us at the resort at 5AM.

The first stop was at Katibawasan falls. It is near the resort so we do not have to go back. Katibawasan falls drop at 75 meters. It is so tall that it does not fit the frame of my camera.


White Island is the next stop for us. They say the best time to go is early in the morning when the waters are calm. Remember when Charlene Gonzalez was asked in the Miss Universe pageant how many islands are there in the country and she replied, “High tide or low tide?”. Well, this island disappears during high tide.

You need to hire a boat to go to the island.

From the white island, you can see Mt. Hibok-hibok.

We had breakfast here. There were temporary sheds just for the summer where one can buy some food. We spent around 30 to 40 minutes here and off we went to Ardent hot springs. Because we came here early, there were few people around so, again, we looked like we own the place.  We love this place. I love the canopy of trees and the hot spring.

We really swam our hearts out here until we got hungry. Ha!  The provincial roads in Camiguin are all paved.  It is normal so pretty sights like this one.

Let me take a break to introduce you to our multicab. Yes, our multicab. I forgot to take a photo of Kuya Dan. Kuya Dan is one with a cap in the photo below. We hired Kuya Dan through the recommendation from a thread in Girltalk.  He is a good driver.

Below is his contact details.

This is the old volcano.

When it erupted hundreds (or was it thousands?) of years ago, it sank this cemetery that only the cross can be seen today.

We had lunch at the soda pool.  It is called a soda pool because the spring water from the volcano is naturally carbonated.  No, it did not taste like softdrink but it tasted clean and fresh.

 And this was our lunch. There is hut outside the pool area that accepts orders.

We were full so we were ready to go to our last destination, Sto Nino Cold Spring.

On our way, Kuya Dan pointed out the Tres Marias. Can you spot what they are?

 Kuya Dan also showed us the area that faces the port of Cagayan de Oro.

This is the Sto. Nino Cold Springs. Brrr!


This is our last stop and Kuya Dan brought us to port where we waited for the fast craft going to Balingoan. This is the sunset that bid us goodbye as we arrived at the port signaling the end of our day trip.

I live a few hours away from this place yet this was my first time to set foot in Camiguin. I think I am going to keep coming back. 😀 IMG_8530

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