Aruba ACMP Certification Exam

The Aruba ACMP, which actually stands for Aruba Certified Mobility Professional, is a certification exam that allows you to demonstrate your expertise as an engineer capable of building and troubleshooting more complicated WLAN networks, including those that are in multiple controller environments with complex settings and functionalities. Mobile accessibility in complex systems is exactly what the ACMP certification exam allows you to document, and ensuring you have the skills, knowledge and abilities to not only implement WLANs in these more complex networking situations, but that you can maintain and troubleshoot the networks you establish for customers and clients as well.



The Aruba Certified Mobility Professional exam features questions on all topics pertinent to the building and implementation of complex WLAN networks for large-scale mobile accessibility projects. Questions include topics like design and networking topology, GUI and CLI interpretation, configuration and troubleshooting, and firewall topics. Additionally, you’ll need to understand the overall details of Aruba products, operations, and apps and solutions in order to successfully pass the ACMP exam.

Aruba recommended focused training through a formal, instructor led exam prep course called “Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation” class. You should also review the exam guide available on the Aruba website, and consider using self study programs, tutorials and practice tests made available through sites like, which can help you master the materials sooner and boost your performance on the ACMP exam.


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Practice tests are a major part of a successful exam preparation plan. They allow you to measure your testing readiness before sitting for the formal exam from Aruba. Additionally, practice exams can help you understand which areas of the covered materials you may need to dedicate further study time to and which portions of the testing materials you’ve already mastered.


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