A Productive Day

With my busy schedule the past two weeks, I finally found the time to do some important things. I woke up early one Wednesday morning thinking it was Thursday.  I was on my computer early in the morning that one friend noticed my Facebook activity. Ha! I ribbed on getting older (lola-mode, I said).

It was nearing month-end so I had to do my budget.  I am still old school. Pen, paper and calculator are my tools of the trade. 😀

I tackled the laundry.  Yes, Chief Justice Corona, I do not have a maid, too. I don’t use the aircon like you.  Why am I poor?  Ha! Below is what three weeks of laundry for one person looks like.

I worked on my writing project. These are the reference materials I have to read.

Oh, I changed my sheets before I got caught up with mindless internet surfing and forget about this important task.  Along with not having maids and not turning the aircon on,  it is apparent that I also do not iron. Haha! Saving mother earth or just being Juana Tamad? I hope I will still dream of strawberries and blue skies. 😉

Then I realized that it was still Wednesday (and not Thursday). I gained another 24 hours. Yay! I had the time to catch up with friends on Facebook. We had a very interesting conversation and I loved every minute of it. <3

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