5 Things I Want to Do Before I Grow Old

I always love lists. If you happened to read my previous posts, you would notice a few of them in list form.  That said, I still have not written my bucket list. I fear that if I make one, I will be forever putting an item into the list.

Not having a bucket list welcomes a lot of possibilities.



Thanks to Anne for suggesting this meme to BC Bloggers. In this way, I will have a simple bucket list.

Here goes my list:

1. Travel.

Travel opens my mind to different cultures, people and places. It is best to travel when my feet can still walk miles without much complaints from my body.

2.  Read.

I hope that I have read as much as I can before I grow old and before the eyesight fails me.

  Source: bookriot.com via kat on Pinterest


3.  Never stop learning.

Right now I am fascinated with typography. I hope I can design my own font one day.  I might be interested in something else in the future. I hope new things will continue to fascinate me.  I hope to never become an expert at anything.  Einstein once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”


4.  I hope I will never forget this.

5. Ready to grow old.

I welcome growing old. As I step into each decade in my life, I feel that every decade is the best decade ever. I enjoyed my childhood, teenage years, young adult life and I am having a blast in my 30’s.  I am so looking forward to wonderful years ahead.

I wish I will be able to do this:


What is on your list?

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