How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Your Furry Bestfriends

I live in a country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving. I would like to believe we are thankful everyday.

I am thankful for this life I have. Although I have many wants, I have everything I need. Although I have many worries, God has His way of reminding me every day that He has everything covered-that I just have to chill and let His will be done. I do forget to be thankful sometimes but I am happy He sends friends my way to nudge me a bit.

These best friends of mine remind me how to take it easy. I am thankful for all their sloppy kisses and hugs. They appreciate the little things I do for them.

My friends at Puppyspot have these tips on how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving with your furry friends.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Good health matters

I have always been a chubby kid.

Me and my auntie

Me and my auntie

My mother admitted to me once that she did not like having a thin kid. She feared someone might think she was not feeding me well. being chubby was okay with me but all the pinching I got for my chubbiness did not bode on me well so I told my mother that I would lessen my milk intake. At that time, I was drinking milk like water.  The diet I imposed on myself worked. I grew and lost the weight.

Me and Mama

Me and Mama

Thankfully, I was never too thin nor too fat growing up. I have always maintained a healthy weight… until last year. Based on the food posts I did last year, you know I enjoy eating so much. I only posted what I made. Some of the stuff I ate are on Facebook. HA! As a saying goes, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips.” I managed to break the overweight mark. It alarmed me that I went to check my cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thankfully, they are at a normal range. My conclusion: I am simply fat.

The lab results.

The lab results.

Even before the New Year, I already started exercising through Zumba.  Thanks to Zalora I got new rubber shoes on sale. I use these for exercising.


I have not adjusted my diet yet but I am inspired by what Erwan Heusaff did. Check out this video.


How about you? What are plans to stay healthy this year?

Happiness is the cure

If I check the statistics,  I am already approaching midlife.  My father died at 69. My mother, 61. If I base my own mortality on my parents’, the 30’s is my midlife.  No, I am not having a crisis nor an emo moment. I sometimes think of my health when I eat too much. HA! Excuse my morbid thoughts but I sometimes wonder what disease will kill me in the future.  I fear it might be a problem on the digestive system. I have abused those organs for years. 😳

I’ve always been a healthy child.  I am not using ‘healthy’ as a euphemism for being ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’.  I am healthy because I do not get sick often. I have been admitted to the hospital only once in my life and I cannot even remember it because I was a baby then.  I get cough and colds during the rainy season. I cannot remember the last time I had fever.  When I proudly pointed out to my mother that I am always healthy, she told me the reason why: it is what she prayed for. (Awww <3. l love you and miss you, mama.)

Life is short. Even with proper nutrition and lifestyle change, there is still no guarantee for longevity. For whatever health conditions a person may have, I think that happiness is the cure. 😀



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