Homecooked Gourmet Meal

My cousin came to visit us over the weekend. It has been a while since she came home to visit us so I was excited with the idea of her spending the weekend with us. Some of my weekend plans got shortened to make time for her. She arrived on a Saturday afternoon. Immediately after she arrived that afternoon, we went to the grocery to buy stuff she is going to cook for us over while she is on vacation. I know what you are thinking now. She is supposed to be on vacation yet we are letting her cook for us. She loves to cook for us so why deprive her of what she loves to do? Aren’t we lucky?

This is the tuna pesto pasta she cooked for us during the lunch that day after she arrived. (She cooked for us chicken and soup the night before but I forgot to take a picture.)


I would have shared the recipe but I let her do her thing and did not hover while she cooked. I took advantage of her being around and just chilled waiting for the cooked dish.

Judging by the empty plate after our lunch, I think my picky aunt loved the pasta. That is a huge deal because my aunt is the type who is not fond of trying a new dish.  And she is very transparent when she does not like the food. She could not hide that little smirk when she does not like something. Ha! She truly loved the food this time. Maybe my cousin should come visit us often.

It occurred to me that my cousin would have loved to receive gourmet baskets for Christmas. I remember seeing from Giftsbunker some stuff she might be interested in. Nowadays, it is easier to order something online than choosing the items from the mall. Compared to the hassle of driving through traffic, surfing online is a much easier option. If you search the right website, you also get discounted coupons to save on your purchases. It is a good deal because you get to save time and money!

Online Shopping for Home and Art

There are two things that kept me busy this week: home and art. My house is undergoing repair. Torrential rains early this year have resulted to leaks in the roof. Plus, termites have infested us. For the past year, we get an occasional swarm of termites hovering around a light source.  Lately, the frequency of the such swarm have increased and we have decided to tackle the problem now. The carpenter has gone through every possible termite infestation and found a lot of areas that need to be stripped down and repaired. Thus, the house is still a mess as the repair is the not yet complete.

To cheer myself up with the sorry state of my place, I visualize the repaired space and I think of ways to decorate it anew. I turn to online shopping sites for ideas. With Pinterest, it is easy to pin those ideas to a board and review what I have gathered.  There are a lot of online shopping sites for home and great deals abound.  You do not have to be physically in the store. With just a click of the mouse, you will know what is available for purchase.

I am loving this style right now.

Source: Wayfair.com

Source: Wayfair.com

Another hobby of mine that had me busy for the past two months is watercolor art. I am now thinking of using other media. This hyper realistic art is quite impressive that I am looking for online shops where I can purchase the materials used to create this awesome art.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA6h0_VxXqg?rel=0]

I am also thinking of venturing into using acrylic and oil paints on my art. Right now, I am comparing prices from different online shops.

I know it can be tempting to just go, click and order whatever catches my fancy. However, I always spend with caution. Online shopping is very convenient that it is easy to lose control. One of the tips I learned over years is to look for coupons before hitting the buy button. For home coupons and other discount deals, I check out AntiRetailHome.com. Right now, they offer a lot of Wayfair.com coupons. You can now redecorate you home at a fraction of the original price. Happy shopping!

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