I am lucky to have friends who had my back and Wela was one of them. It is only fitting to write about her today, her special day. So let
I traveled to Taiwan with a foodie so I really did not have to worry where to eat.  My friend, Gail, already had a list of places to try.  We
It has been months since I last painted. I plan to paint more this month so I got my art groove going by painting on the first day of the
So what do you do when you have lots of video clips from your travel? Stitch them together, add music, write captions and upload it on Youtube. I have not
Taiwan is just a short plane ride away from Manila and yet it was never in my list of places to visit. When a temporary visa-free entry for Filipinos was
After several Saturdays of planning to join this hike (which I always put off because sleep is life hahaha), I finally was able to push myself to wake up early
I finally completed the move to a new website after a few weeks of trying to figure out how to implement the changes. I am now starting from scratch in
At the start of March this year, I found myself scrambling to fix my old blog. Some spammy content was showing up on the search results redirecting my blog to
I always look forward to visiting new places especially those off-the-beaten-path types. These places are not usually teeming with tourists so I feel like I own the place. (Yes, I