This is the satellite map from PAGASA as of  11:32 PM of September 26, 2011. Several provinces in Luzon are Read more
Yesterday was my 34th birthday.  I woke up at 5am to attend mass. It was good to start my day Read more
As the title suggests, it is a day before my 34th birthday. It is reminiscing time for me. I want Read more
Confession: I do not know how to cross a street.  My cousins laugh at me because I wait for the Read more
Anticipating the 4-day weekend this August, we already planned to visit Magallanes weeks ago. A friend, who lives there, is Read more
My friends found their way to my blog. Now, there is a teeny-tiny bit of pressure in my so-called unstressed Read more
The breaking news on CNN when I turned on the TV this morning was Steve Job's resignation as Apple's CEO. Read more
Today, people have noticed that my right eye is red. I don't now what caused it. Can too much internet, Read more
One of my favorite Sunday morning activity is gathering sampaguita from the garden, cupping them in my palms and smelling Read more