Achieving Little Things While Watching TV

Watching TV can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, as well as being an excellent way to spend time with the family. It’s easy, however, to spend a lot of time lost in your TV set and not really achieving much. Learning to multitask, however, can be a good way to make some improvements to your health, well-being and more without missing out on your favorite shows.

Put your multitasking skills to good use with these simple things you can do while watching TV to achieve something great with your day.

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Start a blog

Ever wanted to start your own blog? What’s holding you back? There are plenty of blogging tips you can follow to get started and help you enjoy writing your own blog. Blogging can be a fun and creative outlet for you to discuss the things that you’re interested in, and it can be easy to get writing while you’ve got the TV on in the background. Choose a niche, start jotting down some ideas and get writing to get your blog off the ground to embrace a fantastic new hobby.

Earn money from surveys

Want an easy way to earn money? Getting paid to do surveys can be a quick and easy money earner that you can do in front of the TV, while travelling or while you’re out walking. Websites like Surveyjunkie can provide you with short and simple surveys that can help you boost your income or help you earn funds to treat yourself with. Make sure you review your chosen platform carefully to ensure it’s legitimate and won’t leave you wasting hours of your time for nothing.  

Do some exercise

Working out while watching TV is a great way to multitask. By doing short 30-minute workouts, you can improve your fitness, reduce your stress levels and won’t have to eat into the rest of your day to fit in exercise. Mix up your workouts with a range of cardio, strength and stretching moves to help you become fit and strong.

Pamper yourself

We all need some time to relax, and pampering yourself in front of the TV can be an enjoyable way to spend your evening. Give yourself a facial, use a face or hair mask or a DIY mani-pedi as a little treat that can help you unwind and ease the stresses of the day.

Write letters

Instead of writing emails or texts to loved ones, why not spend time writing some old-school correspondence and sending some letters instead? A little note in a card or a longer letter to family and friends can brighten someone’s day, and can also be relaxing for you too. We spend so much time on our phones or online that some classic correspondence can help you break out of the tech bubble for a little while.

There are so many great ways you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy doing something a little different when you’re watching TV. Why not start tonight by settling down in front of the TV and achieving something great with your evening?

A Peek into My Day

I have not done memes for a while now so I decided to join Yuuki’s “A day in my not so boring life – a 24 hr chronicle of your typical day“. August 1 was a pretty good day. I received really good news at the end of the day that I forgot what happened earlier in the day. I will talk about the good news soon!

So, I picked August 2 for this meme.

I woke up at 630 AM to walk the dog. I can hear his loud barking. He is my alarm clock. This is our usual route.

After I walked the dog, I had my breakfast. My typical breakfast is : 2 pandesal+ half a fried egg+ meat (made into two sandwiches) and coffee.

On some days, I have fruits and native delicacies but not yesterday.

My cousin and aunt usually do the cooking. I do the dishes. Yesterday was no exception.

The fridge is quite empty so it was time for us to go to the market and the grocery.
We stopped by the flower stand and my aunt bought some flowers for the altar.

Because of the unfavorable weather conditions in the coastal areas, fish supply is scarce and super expensive. We bought these instead. (Didn’t I just write about my eating habits catching up on me? Ooops.)

Market time is also grocery time.

While on the tricycle home, I snapped a quick shot at the Rizal park. The park is undergoing renovations and although it is not yet completed, it was cleaned up for the “Adlaw hong Butuan“. August 2 is a holiday in Butuan. Butuanons celebrated the 62nd “Adlaw hong Butuan” yesterday. In August 2,1950, Butuan was declared a Chartered City.

While my aunt prepared lunch, I worked on my computer.

We had a simple lunch.

The lunch was simple because we had the king of fruits for dessert. Durian! <3  (El cheapo. We can’t resist.)

After lunch, I worked again while watching a UAAP game between Ateneo and UP.

UP lost. 🙁 Cheerdance is our only hope.

I continued with work until dinnertime. I forgot to take a snapshot of our dinner. We had champorado and dried squid . Yummy!

We prayed the rosary after dinner time.  It has been sort of a family practice ever since my grandfather died in 2000.



Usually, my aunts would hurriedly turn the TV on after the rosary to see if they can still catch their favorite teleserye.

I went back to my room to prepare for my nightly shower. When I do not have to meet people (aside from family), I do not usually shower during the day. (Is it weird?) I shower at night instead because I sleep better that way.

I still have piles of work to do so I continued to work on them until I got sleepy.

I also remembered that I need to draw my August planner.  Here is the thing: I got the printable planners from Alessa  and Jen. I liked their planners so I wanted to ditch my own planner .  However, I scrimped on my ink and the planners did not print the way I wanted. I took it as a sign to continue using my DIY planner.  It was a simple planner envy gone awry. Haha!

Yes, Bourne Legacy is on my schedule. hehe

After I was done with this planner, I called it a night.


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Off to dreamland…


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A Productive Day

With my busy schedule the past two weeks, I finally found the time to do some important things. I woke up early one Wednesday morning thinking it was Thursday.  I was on my computer early in the morning that one friend noticed my Facebook activity. Ha! I ribbed on getting older (lola-mode, I said).

It was nearing month-end so I had to do my budget.  I am still old school. Pen, paper and calculator are my tools of the trade. 😀

I tackled the laundry.  Yes, Chief Justice Corona, I do not have a maid, too. I don’t use the aircon like you.  Why am I poor?  Ha! Below is what three weeks of laundry for one person looks like.

I worked on my writing project. These are the reference materials I have to read.

Oh, I changed my sheets before I got caught up with mindless internet surfing and forget about this important task.  Along with not having maids and not turning the aircon on,  it is apparent that I also do not iron. Haha! Saving mother earth or just being Juana Tamad? I hope I will still dream of strawberries and blue skies. 😉

Then I realized that it was still Wednesday (and not Thursday). I gained another 24 hours. Yay! I had the time to catch up with friends on Facebook. We had a very interesting conversation and I loved every minute of it. <3

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