Quick Update: Life is a feast!

I am looking at my calendar and May is almost over.  You would think I would be sad but I am excited about it because I have a trip coming up next week! I’ll talk about it when I get back.

My May was steady. There was not much work that required tough deadlines. But still, my schedule was full and I never had the time to blog.  Let me just  run down some of the things I did in May.

My friend came home after a long vacation in Manila. Another friend had some free time and the three of us went to their family’s farm. I love random get-together like this.



The sunset was gorgeous on our way home.

May is fiesta time in the city.

There was a tree planting activity. Each Butuanon clan was asked to plan trees by the river. My two aunts were sitting pretty in the shade. (ha!) It was my uncle who did the planting. Well, he was a forester by profession. He knows how to plant it right.

This is the Magsaysay bridge over the Agusan river.

Fiesta was last May 19. I hate going to fiesta where I have to wait for the food to be ready. Well, well, well. We have not yet finished cooking when the guests started to arrive. Oops! Here are some of the food we prepared:


I also continued to do some watercolor art. I tried landscape painting this time.


And since I bought a mechanical pencil, I tried sketching.


Oh and in a few days, we will have an alumni homecoming. I made this invitation. 😀
bces invitation

And life goes on.

I hope all is well you, guys!

Two weeks

It was a busy two weeks and I am still catching up with my backlog.

Alumni homecoming is a big deal in this city. Three high schools had their homecoming in one day.  The thing is, I did not graduate high school in any of these schools so whenever May comes, I am always stuck at home while everyone else went to their high school reunion. My aunt celebrated her golden jubilee and I joined her this time so that I would experience it at least once in my lifetime.  (Mama was not able to reach her golden jubilee.)

The day started with a motorcade. It is was a pretty morning.

Lunch was in Banza in a private venue. Lunch was served in a boat. Cool!

The menu was composed of local delicacies like pao. Pao is a root crop similar to camote (sweet potato) and it is usually dipped in latik (caramel sauce made of coconut milk and sugar).

The venue was idyllic.

In the evening was the grand celebration.

Giselle Sanchez was the guest performer and there were no dull moments with her performance.

A week after was fiesta time.

We had guests so we prepared food.

My aunt took care of the presentation. I think she did a good job.

When the guests were all gone, my cousins and I decided to go out of town and check out the swimming pool in Cabadbaran.  The sun was already setting.

  There was a pool area with a huge slide.

This was a mini-reunion of sorts. My cousins and I seldom get together. It was also our little boy‘s first out-of-town trip. He loves the water.

By Sunday, we are too tired to do anything. We ate leftovers. This is the photo of the leftover salad I had for lunch that day which I shared on Facebook.


My cousin, who is a wonderful photographer, enhanced my photo. Now it looks like this.



I was supposed to checkout the annular solar eclipse last Monday but I went to church early in the morning because it was my mother’s 7th death anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been seven years and I still miss her dearly.

I was not able to witness the eclipse. Besides, I do not have the special viewing glasses. I took the photo of the sun at 6:30 AM using my phone’s camera.  The sun was so bright. No eclipse. (Or maybe I just did not see it. )

It was a good two weeks. Now I wish for this one.



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