OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

When I signed up for Instagram three years ago, I had no idea it would grow this big. I was not even into it because I was more inclined to use Facebook. Lately though, I have been very active with Instagram compared to Facebook mainly because the pretty images I get from the feeds can truly make my day a lot brighter.  It is my happy place and I hope it remains as such.

I never really put much thought in what I share on Instagram until I found several feeds that are truly #FeedGoals. Look at these!


Notice that the first feed by @boywithhaemoglobin is all about architectural details which we sometimes overlook. These are things he noticed in the surroundings that might have escaped the untrained eye.  The second one by @studiodiy are pops of colors which can easily cheer anyone with a gloomy day. Are you not inspired by such photos?  I know I am.

So I have been experimenting on what I can do to my feed. I am all about art, travel, food and life in between.  One would find this set of photos in my feed whenever I am working on my art.

Art-centric feed

And when I am traveling, this is how my feed looks.

Travel-centric feed

My #FeedGoals would be to combine all my interests into one cohesive feed and do them instinctively.  I love feeds that tell stories like what my cousin, @kristineghia, and friend, @sandierpastures, do to their feeds. @KristineGhia often shares her journey with her faith, health and family. There is consistency in the way her images are presented. My friend, @sandierpastures, shares her journey with her kids in and out of Dubai where she is based.

How do I achieve my #FeedGoals?

  1. Finding a theme. Since I am into art, travel , food and anything in between. I need to find a balance between such diverse interests.
  2. Being consistent with the filters. It may take time to find the right kind of feel to the image composition that I like but once I find it, I should stick with it.
  3. Sharing the experience. Write the caption to tell a story of each image. This will engage followers into meaningful conversations
  4. Experimenting. I should always be inspired with the things I see around me. As much as consistency is important, I must not be afraid to veer away from what I am used to and try new things.
  5. Having fun. I may have #feedgoals to achieve. I need not stress over it. I will just enjoy Instagram and, surely, the experience would be more enjoyable that way.
  6. Getting a better device. I am thinking about the features of OPPO F1S.  It is dubbed as a selfie expert.  Although I do not need to pepper my posts with my selfies, I am assured I’d get a good one when necessary.  The OPPO F1s  has filters that will help me attain consistency in my IG posts.  The 13MP rear camera and 16MP front camera  make sure that I get crisp photos that are IG-worthy. These are ust few of the exciting features packed in one compact device! OPPOF1s is the perfect partner to achieve my #feedgoals.

More information on the device can be found on their website: OPPO Philippines. Do not forget to like or follow them on their social media accounts:

Twitter: twitter.com/OPPOPhilippines
Instagram: www.instagram.com/oppophilippines
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/OPPOPH

Keep creating those lovely feeds!

Create. Post. Rinse. Repeat.

*This is a contest entry for Nuffnang Philippines.


5 Ideas for a Productive Summer

There is no reason to be bored nowadays. There are different gadgets and apps that keep a person occupied . Waiting in line is no longer a difficult chore because you can always play mobile games, listen to music,  watch videos and even pay bills. It can be tempting for parents to let these devices babysit their kids.  There are ways to keep kids occupied this summer without having to touch a computer game. What they can do is use these devices as tools for more productive activities. Adults can learn some new skills, too.  Albert Einstein said, ” One you stop learning, you start dying.”

Here are some productive activities you  and/or  your kids can do:

1. Art. Give a kid paper and crayons and let their imagination develop. For those who want to teach their kids the basics in art, there are many resources in the library and on the internet where you can develop the drawing skills of the kids. Here is a simple instruction on how to draw a lion .


Those are in for a challenge can sketch something as elaborate as this one.

Source: creativepro.com via kat on Pinterest


2. Snail mail. With the advent of email, sending out birthday cards became a novelty. It is nice to surprise a friend by sending a card through the mail.  Homemade cards are easy to make. How about this one for starters?


3. Plant something.  You can plant a tree.



Those who live in small spaces can start with an herb garden. The herbs can be used for cooking.



4. Discover new recipes. Tired of frying food all the time.  You can experiment on new recipes and  involved you kids in the preparation. It does not have to be complicated. How about this?



5. Summer classes. There are different summer classes available. Some are on crafts and some are of the academics type. A child can enjoy some play time and some advanced lessons or two. It does not hurt to engage them in advance Science or Math lessons. If that is too cerebral, how about learning a new language? A new language expands their world and it can get pretty handy when traveling. The world has become smaller with the advances in telecommunications and transportation. They can learn at their own pace by hiring a tutor. If you live in the United States, you can hire tutors at tutorspree.com where they have a meticulous method of screening their tutors to make sure your child gets the best learning experience possible.

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