Spring Cleaning in November

Among the many things that my mother and I never had in common was being a neat freak.  More like clean freak. My father and I were neat but we seldom clean. I am more like my father. We kept things in order but we seldom dusted the tables or mopped the floors. We fixed our bed when we wake up but our piles of paper and similar junk accumulated a counter top. We could live without changing the bed covers for months. Gross? I know. We could even skip bathing for a day. More gross. Maybe I should stop writing. You get the drill.

I got my package of garage sale stuff from a friend in the US. Thus, I got a boxful of clothes, bedsheets and bags with no storage space to keep them.

The only logical thing to do is clean up the closets. It has been 6 years since my mother passed away and  almost 2 years for my father. Their things are still in their closets. Maybe it was hard for me to move on or maybe I was just lazy to do all the dirty work. I am my father’s child after all. I love reading, writing and arithmetic but not the house chores. (Well, who loves house chores, anyway?)

I called a friend to help me. The people in the house also helped. Thus, the cleaning began. It was more like treasure-hunting for my helpers for the day.

I gave away clothes, bags, curtains, racks, etc. Once all these were discarded, I started to clean my own closet and my room.

I now have the cleanest and most organized closet in the house. Last night, I slept in my new bedsheets. I don’t want to rise from bed. I just want to sleep all day. Uh-oh. That’s not a good thing for a lazy bone.

On the positive side, I am hoping I can do a lot more writing because of this. My “office” area in my bedroom was also organized.

I even threw away my 14-year-old floppy disks which contained my college research paper. I don’t have a floppy disk drive in my computer. I have the hard copy of the paper if I need it someday. My college library has a copy. The disk might not even work or have a virus. To the trash, I am letting them go.

Kids, this are called the 3.5" floppy disks.

My aunts are now having a countdown on room’s cleanliness longevity. I will prove the doubters wrong.  HA!

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