October 2015 Stories

Lately, I have not found time to blog that I feel the days and weeks slipping away.  Was I just uninspired to post or was I just too busy to find time? Instead of posting each of my story separately, let me compile them all in one blog post.

I have finally made pastillas that we all loved. The balls were firm this time that I do not need to wrap them individually. 


I also got chicharon bulaklak (fried pig intestines) from my cousin.


And it seemed like all the unhealthy food was not enough. I bought some interesting snacks from the grocery.  Coincidentally, these are all Oishi products. Must avoid them!  I consumed all these in a day.


I decided that by November, I will start eating healthy to loss a few inches to make way for December.  Christmas is around corner.

I did some artwork in October. I still have pending commission work. I do not want to put out work just because there is a deadline. I want to put some thought in creating them.  Some of these are exercises to try some technique. The other are commission work.


Oh, I finally tried to color Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden.  I only tried a page.  With so many inspirations from those who sent their colored pages to her website, I did not know how to make my coloring work uniquely my own. I kept thinking that if I mess this up, I can no longer re-do this.  I know. I can overthink thing.  Then, I just decided to just color and not stress over the outcome. This is supposed to be a stress reliever. Ha!


My friend introduced me to a friend who taught me how configure my DSLR manually. Yes,  I used to shoot in auto-mode. I did not understand how to control my camera the way I wanted.  I am trying to learn this time.


While on a shoot, this man came from the mountain with chopped wood oblivious to us. We were intruders in his path.


Sunset is beautiful in this part of my city. I am glad we still have areas with this clearing with some fresh air and splendid view.


These are my October stories. I am thankful for the simple things that made me enjoy life to the fullest.

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