Now it can be told

I learned about the good news last August 1 but I decided to only announce it once I get a word from the official source. I got a call yesterday and I have told my aunts so I am ready to announce it.

This is the big news. I WON! I won an El Nido Resorts holiday! I am so thrilled! I am sorry if I keep on using exclamation points. This may be the best thing that ever happened to me since I started the blog. The second best thing is that my aunts agreed that I deserved to win.  (Talk about family love and loyalty! haha)

I had a good feeling about my post but when I saw the other entries of the finalists, they were also good. I especially liked the video entry and the poem.

I was prepared to lose and I was prepared to win. Whatever the outcome was, I was already happy reading all the comments from friends and from fellow BCBloggers. To those who read and commented on my entry here,  your positive wishes  meant a lot.  Thank you for the vote of confidence.  I hope you get that El Nido Resorts experience, too. Like them on Facebook so you get updates on their different promos and contests.

I am now in the lookout for promo fares going to Puerto Princessa and I can’t control the smile plastered on my face. I am so happy.  I am thinking which smiley from my emoticons best describes how I feel.  It does not matter if I have to take two plane rides and a van ride to get to Taytay, Palawan. I will endure them all. Nowadays, my daydreams are all about Apulit Island.

I am overwhelmed.

Again, thank you for all the warm wishes.  Paula, I hope to find you a good pasalubong.


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