My Awesome June 2015

The end of July is fast approaching and I am behind with my posts.  I should have written down the thoughts in my head. I try not to dwell on the should’ve, would’ve , could’ve so here I am trying to write a decent post.

The highlight of my June was the Coron trip.  I am grateful for friends who made the trip more memorable. We all had fun. Some of them met for the first time in this trip but left the place as friends.


While in Manila, I met other friends, too. These are my high school classmates.


And these are my elementary friends. Technically, only two of them are. Mitzi became my friend way after college but she was already friends with Shirly and Wilbert. Gail is a friend from high school. I like introducing my friends to my other friends.


Lunch at Mom and Tina’s with Mitzi, Gail, Shirly and Wilbert.

In June, I fulfilled my longtime wish… to visit the Rizal Monument in Luneta! I had to have my picture taken at this angle to avoid showing the Torre de Manila in the background.


 I got gifts from friends. How awesome are my friends?  Grace sent me workout clothes and some cute stuff.


I got layers of leche flan from Erns and egg pies from Teram. Yes, I love anything custard.


I made homemade halo-halo and healthy ice cream.  The other colorful candies in the glass are just for the photoshoot.


I did some fun art stuff. This is a random  art stuff which I did not use pencil. I started with watercolor and just added colors upon colors.


I sent mail exchanges for the Flourish Forum friends.



Because of all the fun things I did last June, I cannot remember working. I think it is a good thing when work does not feel like work at all.

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