Lovefilm vs NOW TV: their key features explained

Find out what the key features of two of the most popular streaming subscription services are, and how these services will change the way in which you enjoy watching TV. They allow you to have the freedom of not entering a lengthy contract, and also give you control over what you watch and when.

Long gone are the days of having to enter lengthy contracts for your television subscription and being limited as to what you can watch, and this is all thanks to the online streaming subscription services that have been around for the last few years. These services allow you to pay a fee each month which can be cancelled at any time, and as well as this you stream shows and films directly to your device, and this could be a computer, TV, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone. It is clear why so many people now opt for this method instead of TV subscriptions – there are a few different streaming services for you to consider, each with their own unique features.

LOVEFiLM, an Amazon subsidiary, is one of the most popular and is perfect for any film buffs. Another powerful option, which is similar in some ways but also has several vital differences, is NOW TV, which is powered by Sky and is perfect for sports and film fans that don’t want to be tied down to lengthy contracts. Both are excellent services, but it is worthwhile exploring each one so that you can make an informed decision.

LOVEFiLM is very affordable and allows you to cancel your membership at any time, and it also has an enormous catalogue of films and some TV shows as well. These are updated frequently and are easily streamed to any suitable device that you have, and as well as this you can also get DVDs and Blu-Rays through the post which you then post back when you are done, and this is great for those that enjoy popping a DVD in and will enjoy all the extras. As the name suggests, LOVEFiLM is perfect for film buffs because of the huge catalogue with Hollywood blockbusters, modern and old classics and plenty in every genre that you can imagine.


NOW TV is similar in that you can get a monthly Sky Movies pass, which will give you access to a large collection of films including the latest Blockbusters and hundreds of other fantastic films as well. They can also be streamed onto a variety of devices and you can watch these at any point. NOW TV differs in that it also offers a Sky Sports day pass, which allows you 24 hours of all 6 Sky Sports channels. This is great for those who do not want a long and expensive contract, and instead want to catch the occasional football match, a cricket series or any other sporting event shown on Sky Sports.

Lovefilm vs NOW TV is a tough call and it will come down to what your preferences are and what you want to be able to enjoy. If you are a huge film fan then LOVEFiLM would probably be the best, whilst NOW TV still offers a decent film collection and is the better choice for sports fans.

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