Guide To Winterizing A Boat

winterize boat

Shortly before winter arrives, you must follow a few steps to protect your boat. By winterizing your vessel, it will operate more efficiently when spring arrives the following year.

Winterizing Procedures

In the winter, a boat should not be stored on the water. It should be placed in a dry storage area that is designed for a boat. If you don’t have access to a storage space, simply cover your boat with shrink-wrap. Although using shrink-wrap can be a bit expensive, the material can provide efficient protection throughout the winter.

The boat’s fuel tank should be slightly below its maximum capacity. The extra space is important because the tank will expand.

Inspect the boat’s hub and propeller thoroughly. If a component is dented or damaged, replace it or perform the repairs.

If there is dirt or grime on the boat, remove it with a soft sponge or washcloth. Typically, you can clean a boat with soap while it is docked at a local marina. However, because different states have different rules, check with the proper authorities before beginning the cleaning process.

A boat must be prepped for the winter season. By implement the proper procedures, the vessel will run smoothly in the spring. For more information about boat maintenance products, click here.

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