Top 5 Singers of My Father’s Generation Whose Concert I Want to Watch

As a child, my earliest musical influence is the music my parents play at home. I was familiar with many standard songs that my father loves and it is only when I was older that I get to appreciate the artists behind the songs.  It warms my heart when I see that these artists still doing shows  and tours. Most often, it is not about earning a living but getting the music out there. So, I understand when people get excited about enduring bands like Status Quo putting up a series of shows. If you check out their touring schedule, you’d be amazed how they are able to keep up with it. It is no wonder many are buying their Status Quo tickets now.

In case you are not familiar with the band, Status Quo is a British band who is known for boogie rock.  Check out this Status Quo Performance.


This made me think of the artists of my father’s generation whose concert I want to watch. Their music has filled our happy home during Sundays and I remember my father bursting into song whenever he feels like it.

I am listing this in no particular order.

1. Paul Anka. A few years ago, we got to watch his concert in Las Vegas on DVD. He was already in his 60s but the arena was filled with women in their 50s and 60s still gushing like teenagers. This did not make sense to me while watching a few minutes into the concert. Slowly, I realized  how popular he was when each song he was singing was familiar to my ears. Songs like Diana, Put Your Head on My  Shoulders and You are my Destiny. The biggest revelation to me is that he composed, My Way. Yes, he wrote that immortal Frank Sinatra song that can cost your life if you butcher it in karaoke bars.

This is Paul Anka singing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

 2.  Barry Manilow. This guy sings like he knows what you are going through. Ha! Every aspect of a person’s love life seems to have a Barry Manilow song as a soundtrack. The songs are smooth and easy on the ears.  My favorite Manilow song is “A Weekend in New England” because the lyrics gave a few hints on the title of the song. I thought the title was “When will I hold you again”. HA! Interestingly, it is Manilow’s favorite song.

 3. Johnny Mathis. This guy has a crystal clear voice.  If you want a song for your wedding, you can go through his repertoire and you can find one that is not commonly used in weddings. My father was particularly impressed at Johnny for being an athlete. From what my father told me, Johnny Mathis was  a high jumper and hurdler and he was supposed to try out for the Olympics but singing got in the way. I love his version of “How Do You Keep the Music Playing.” 

4. Neil Diamond.  My father had a close affinity with Neil Diamond because Diamond was almost his age and they shared the same first name. When he was alive, my father claimed that he is the oldest ‘Neil’ in the Philippines. Oftentimes, people would ask him, “Is Neil a nickname for Danilo?”  There are not many people with the same name as him until the 1960s when a man stepped on the moon and Neil Diamond started selling records.

 This is Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline“.

5. Barbra Streisand. The woman needs no further introduction. She’s multi-talented- actor, director, singer, songwriter, writer. I really wish I get to listen to her sing live in concert. What I love about Barbra is that she’s got some comedic timing. This is Barbra and Judy Garland singing “Happy Days”. They both have powerful voices but their voices are in harmony and they are not outdoing each other.

How about you? Do you like artists from your parent’s generation?

She’s Only Sixteen

This truth hurts sometimes.


Source: via Viki on Pinterest


My choice of music is based on what sounds good in my ears. So it is refreshing to listen to new music from young musicians that is pleasant to hear (and gentle on my eardrums.) This is one of them. Please watch and listen.

Aren’t they great?



About that quote, I AM KIDDING!

Learn about the group here:

Like them on Facebook:

Buy their music:

Their debut single is only P25.00!

Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, the handsome member of the group is my nephew. I sound biased so I won’t say who but you can choose who is the most good-looking one for you and leave a comment. We’ll see if I am telling the truth. haha By the way, they are all good-looking. Sheer talent makes them look gwapo.

My Thoughts on Dolphy

I know this is 15 days late but I wrote this anyway.

When the Department of Tourism launched the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign early this year,  I wrote this in reply to a tweet.


I was thinking about the Philippine sitcoms I enjoyed: “Home Along Da Riles”, “Okay Ka Fairy Ko”, “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata”, “Ober da Bakod”, etc. I wish I could say I enjoyed “John en Marsha”. My parents did. Once in a while, my father would blurt out, “Kaya ikaw, Kat, magsumikap ka.” It is the line Dely Atay-atayan’s character would often tell  John (Dolphy).

Little did I know that I would go back to the same nostalgia I felt 6 months after I wrote that twitter reply. Dolphy died in the evening of July 10. Twitter was buzzing because there were two celebrities who announced his death on  Twitter before media did. Because of the confusion, a lot of people wrote their condolences and retracted them and wrote them again.

I remember an episode on “The Newsroom“. (Yes, it is my new favorite show. Sorry if I refer to it often .)  It was an episode where the newsroom was in a dilemma whether to report that a certain public figure is dead when every media network already did. They were still waiting for a confirmation from their sources.  I remember the line: “It is the doctor who proclaims that a person is dead.” In the celebrities’ case, they should have allowed the family member to break the news or at least ask permission from the family member if it is okay to tweet about it.

I can’t say I miss Dolphy because that would be lie.  What I really miss are Philippine sitcoms.  I was in high school when ‘Home Along Da Riles’ aired. I was living in a dormitory and TV was not permitted during school days. I sometimes daydreamed about having a personal TV just to watch it. Almost 20 years later,  my wish is now a reality. There are mobile phones with TV feature. The sad reality though: no more Philippine sitcoms and Dolphy already passed away.

The upside: Tito, Vic and Joey are still alive. I can’t remember any of their movies but I remember the experience of watching their movies. I had a good laugh every time. I just hope Tito would stop being a politician and take a cue from Dolphy.  Dolphy’s reply when asked about running for public office: “Madaling tumakbo, pero paano kung manalo?” ( It is easy to run for public office. What if I win?)

My favorite Dolphy movie (I remember watching in this theater) is “Black Magic”. From what I recall, the movie was about a poor guy being handed power (or was it money?) by the devil and he used that power to do good.


As I often say (and I did not originate this thought), life is short.  Even at 83,  I still feel that Dolphy’s life is still short.  At 69, my father’s life is too short. At 61, my mother’s life is too short. If I base my life expectancy on my parents’ mortality, I am already in my mid-life. I say life is short but it is still great.

I think this is the reason why I miss Pinoy sitcoms.


Source: via Kristin on Pinterest


While I was writing this post, I checked Dolphy’s age again. It is coincidental that I am writing this on Dolphy’s birthday. The way I see it: it is a reminder to not dwell too much on his death but to learn something from how he lived his life.



Who would have thought Zachary Levi can sing?  Here’s Zachary Levi with Mandy Moore:

Zachary Levi did a duet with Katherine McPhee. I know someone who played this song over and over again last year.

I rooted for Katherine McPhee in Americal Idol. She is now in ‘Smash’, a television series about a broadway show about Marilyn Monroe.

Megan Hilty is a revelation in Smash. Amazing voice and I just found out she played Glinda in ‘Wicked’.

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams played Marilyn in My Week With Marilyn
and I am thinking if I should watch this movie. She won a Golden Globes for this role.

So many promising young performers, I love it!

This is supposed to be Day 20 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

How to have a happy mood even when it rains

Summer just started yet I am hearing the rain slamming hard on my roof. The clip-clop sound  of dripping water on my ceiling is a sign that the roof needs fixing. I can actually see the warped plywood above my bed. It shows me the location of the leaks.  I live in a 26-year-old house so these problems are expected.

Since I cannot do anything about it right now, I distract myself from listening to music.  Thanks to Youtube, I can always search for songs I want to hear that are not on my playlist. Here is a the song that keeps me on a cheerful mood this rainy afternoon.

Lucy Schwartz’ Life in Letters. 

My blog is actually my life in letters, right? This was a closing song in the one of the episodes of ‘No Ordinary Family’. I love the melody. Some of the lyrics speak to me.

We are just stories, so here’s mine to tell
Give my heart freely, hope you keep it well
A is the ailment, and B makes it better
C is creating your life in letters


Today is Day 2 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

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