Put me in a meeting with a pen and paper and I’d end up doodling. In this Time article, it says that  “doodlers actually remember more than non-doodlers when asked to retain tediously delivered information”. So if you find me doodling in meetings, don’t call my attention because I am already listening. (Palusot!)

In the Internet age, doodling is raised to another level. There are online programs that allow doodlers like me express some creativity.

Can you see what I tried to draw? If you see a house, two trees,  two birds and some potted plants, you are right.  If you see other things, let me know. 😀 I used Scribbler for this one.

In our art class in high school, we were taught how to do still life. If I draw still life without seeing the objects, the easiest I can come up with is drawing of a cup and saucer. I used Scribbler Too for this one.

I was never into abstract art. Jackson Pollock was a popular artist in this style who used drip paint as a medium.  There is an online app that is inspired by Jackson Pollock. It simulates the strokes of a drip paint method without creating a mess and consuming large amount of paint.  Here’s my finished work.

This is quite therapeutic. It is a nice stress reliever.


Today is Day 1 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

Graphics and Quotes

I often post different cool graphics I find in the internet whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I often find myself shaking my head, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I had some free time so I tried to make the graphics myself by using quotes from a quotes collection. The font I used here is Helvetica. I read many people love this font. It is simple and clear.

I had fun in creating this simple graphic above.  So, I made another using one of the quotes on helpfulness.

Why don’t you try creating graphics using your favorite photo editor? It’s fun! You can think of clever quotes that you often say and start from there. If you can’t think of one right now, try one from the quotes on aspirations. Don’t forget to include the name of person quoted.

I think I found a hobby in creating graphics. This hobby combines my fondness for anything creative and my love for great quotes.  I understand the wise words better when I read them in a creative way. It is easy to get inspired by a wonderful quotation if it is presented in a nice (and sometimes colorful) manner.

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