Five Useful Tips That Can Help You Take Care of Your Restaurant’s Refrigerators Efficiently

My aunt just had her 70th birthday. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this post.  This is the dessert I made for her. I mixed cubed gelatin, cubed mangoes, colored tapioca balls and seaweed strips.  Condensed milk, cream and evaporated milk were added afterwards. This dessert is best enjoyed when chilled. I remember wishing there was more space in the refrigerator. I was able to find a way to allot space for the dessert but I wish I had the refrigerator that restaurants use. We could have made more desserts.  Sometimes, this problem can be fixed by knowing how to care for your refrigerator.


Many people who use a refrigerator used in restaurants wonder how they can care for their refrigerators. This is understandable because most restaurant refrigerators need to be cared for on a regular basis in order to maintain their functionality.

Here are five useful tips that can help you take care of your restaurant’s refrigerators that are easy to use:

Clean Your Refrigerator Regularly
Cleaning your refrigerator on a regular basis is worthwhile because it can prevent unwanted mold, bacteria and debris from accumulating inside. Moreover, cleaning out your refrigerator regularly can also help you avoid smelly odors from developing on your food.

Defrost Your Refrigerator Regularly
Defrosting your refrigerator on a regular basis is a great idea because it can prevent unwanted ice and condensation from collecting on your refrigerators’ condensers and coils. Defrosting your restaurant refrigerators should be easy because most modern refrigerators have trays, racks and food compartments that are easy to remove in advance.

Examine Your Refrigerators’ Vital Parts
Most restaurant refrigerators have condensers, heat valves, motors, coils and other vital parts that are prone to wear and tear. Examining these parts on a regular basis can help your bottom line because it can help you prevent mechanical problems that are costly to fix.

Tune Your Refrigerator’s Vital Parts Occasionally
Tuning your refrigerator’s vital parts on an occasional basis is a great way to keep your refrigerator running at peak efficiency. This should not be surprising because most refrigerators run more efficiently when their motors, coils, heat valves and condensers operate efficiently.

Change Your Refrigerator’s Air Filter
Most restaurant refrigerators have air filters that are designed to keep unwanted dirt and debris from accumulating inside your refrigerators’ motors, coils and condensers. Changing these air filters on a regular basis is recommended because it can help you save on your electricity bill by reducing how much energy your refrigerator needs to operate.

As you may have noticed, maintaining your restaurant’s refrigerators is simple if you remember to clean and maintain their vital parts on a regular basis. Feel free to use the suggestions we’ve outlined above to create a sensible way to maintain your restaurant’s refrigerators that is easy for your employees to use.

Applying For Trucking Jobs

After you have completed the courses required to drive a truck on the road, you might begin thinking about where to look for work and what kind of jobs are available. There are OTR truck driving jobs that make up more than just a transfer truck. You can find companies online that are hiring or visit truck driving schools to see if they can help with finding a job. Another option is to go to a truck stop. There are some companies that will post jobs that are available because of the number of truck drivers who use the business.

When you begin the process of talking to companies about a job, there are some things to consider about the size of the company and how long you will be on the road. It’s best to start applying for jobs before you finish your trucking class so that you have something lined up when you get your certificate and license. Some companies will give you a conditional employment that will depend on your completion of the course. There are companies that will pay for your schooling if you promise to work for that company after you complete the course.

As you begin hearing back from companies, you need to start narrowing down your choices based on the benefits offered and the time that you will be behind the wheel. Some will guarantee that you are home on the weekends while others want yaou on the road whenever you are needed. You also need to look at the area where you are applying. Some states have more jobs than others. The weather through the year can play a part in how many jobs are available. Try to avoid searching for a job in a state that sees a large amount of snow and ice as it will sometimes be difficult to stay on the road during these conditions. Until you get the experience driving, you will likely only be able to find OTR trucking jobs. It might not be the ideal situation driving for hours at a time, but it will give you the experience that you need to handle stopping at weigh stations and staying alert while driving.

Guide To Winterizing A Boat

winterize boat

Shortly before winter arrives, you must follow a few steps to protect your boat. By winterizing your vessel, it will operate more efficiently when spring arrives the following year.

Winterizing Procedures

In the winter, a boat should not be stored on the water. It should be placed in a dry storage area that is designed for a boat. If you don’t have access to a storage space, simply cover your boat with shrink-wrap. Although using shrink-wrap can be a bit expensive, the material can provide efficient protection throughout the winter.

The boat’s fuel tank should be slightly below its maximum capacity. The extra space is important because the tank will expand.

Inspect the boat’s hub and propeller thoroughly. If a component is dented or damaged, replace it or perform the repairs.

If there is dirt or grime on the boat, remove it with a soft sponge or washcloth. Typically, you can clean a boat with soap while it is docked at a local marina. However, because different states have different rules, check with the proper authorities before beginning the cleaning process.

A boat must be prepped for the winter season. By implement the proper procedures, the vessel will run smoothly in the spring. For more information about boat maintenance products, click here.

Online Shopping for Home and Art

There are two things that kept me busy this week: home and art. My house is undergoing repair. Torrential rains early this year have resulted to leaks in the roof. Plus, termites have infested us. For the past year, we get an occasional swarm of termites hovering around a light source.  Lately, the frequency of the such swarm have increased and we have decided to tackle the problem now. The carpenter has gone through every possible termite infestation and found a lot of areas that need to be stripped down and repaired. Thus, the house is still a mess as the repair is the not yet complete.

To cheer myself up with the sorry state of my place, I visualize the repaired space and I think of ways to decorate it anew. I turn to online shopping sites for ideas. With Pinterest, it is easy to pin those ideas to a board and review what I have gathered.  There are a lot of online shopping sites for home and great deals abound.  You do not have to be physically in the store. With just a click of the mouse, you will know what is available for purchase.

I am loving this style right now.



Another hobby of mine that had me busy for the past two months is watercolor art. I am now thinking of using other media. This hyper realistic art is quite impressive that I am looking for online shops where I can purchase the materials used to create this awesome art.


I am also thinking of venturing into using acrylic and oil paints on my art. Right now, I am comparing prices from different online shops.

I know it can be tempting to just go, click and order whatever catches my fancy. However, I always spend with caution. Online shopping is very convenient that it is easy to lose control. One of the tips I learned over years is to look for coupons before hitting the buy button. For home coupons and other discount deals, I check out Right now, they offer a lot of coupons. You can now redecorate you home at a fraction of the original price. Happy shopping!

Tractor shipping and the moving of similar machinery to destinations around the world

You can now easily have all of your construction equipment and machinery like tractors and bulldozers shipped overseas, allowing you to easily take on work and projects abroad. This is a simple process when you use the right shipping company which will be able to do all of the difficult work for you at affordable rates.


In this day and age the world has really opened up and become accessible to everyone, meaning that lots of people are now able to take on work and projects in countries overseas. This is true of construction companies as well – they may find that there is more work in certain areas of the world and taking on that work would be a good opportunity to make some money. Lots of these companies and other similar ones will want to use all of their own equipment and machinery, though – it would otherwise be very expensive for them to use new equipment, like tractors and excavators, whilst abroad. The best solution to this problem is to have the machinery shipped overseas – this is now something that can easily be achieved.

 It may seem like a huge task that would be expensive at first due to the size of these vehicles and equipment, but with the right company it can be affordable and also stress-free. Some of these shipping companies have expertise in delivering plant machinery and more to destinations all around the world – when you contact them they will soon alleviate any stress or concern that you might be feeling with regard to your shipment.  They will even do all of the difficult work for you as well, and can even come to you to collect the items for shipment if you wish.


Before all of this can happen, though, you will need to provide the shipping company with the exact weight and dimensions of everything that you want to load onto the vessel. This is so that they can calculate the space needed for storage and come up with a quote for you, as you will only be paying for the amount of space your equipment takes up on board. Generally with tractor shipping and any other similar equipment they will use a “roll on roll off” method because these items are too large to be loaded into their own containers. This method is simple, cost-effective, secure and fast, so it won’t be too long until it has been successfully delivered and is ready to be picked up in the new country.

 With these shipping companies taking care of all the hard work for you and making it a simple process you can clearly see why so many businesses are now opting for this service. Shipments can be made to almost anywhere around the world, so no matter where you are thinking of doing some work and shipping this equipment and machinery they will be able to help you to do so. You can start the process today by getting the exact dimensions and weight of everything that you want to be shipped overseas before contact one of these companies to discuss what your options are and to obtain a quote. You’ll be glad you did!

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