A case of Coca-cola

Everyone in my family drinks Coke. Most often, the one who buys the liter of Coke is shortchanged. That person would have drink same amount of softdrink as the rest of us freeloaders.  Factor in the fact that we buy one liter from the nearest sari-sari store. It costs Php28 plus Php2 for the ice. One liter of coke would set the buyer Php30, which is shared with the rest of the family-the coke, not the amount paid.

There is also an option to buy just the 200ml bottle; but who would be able to drink the bottle and be labeled selfish for not sharing? Besides, one 200ml bottle of coke costs P8 in the sari-sari store. My frugal aunt  won’t be able to sleep over that kind of highway robbery.  A case of 200 ml bottle from a supplier two blocks away costs P130. One case contains 24 bottles. Did the math =>  Php130 divided by 24 = Php 5.42 per bottle.  Imagine how much we save  if we just buy the case.

Thus, we have this in the house.

To be fair with everyone and to save the usual coke financier from burden, we now pay for our own coke. There is cold Coca-cola in the fridge and if you live in our house and want one, you just pay 6 pesos. We rounded the amount. The “profit” will be used to pay for delivery charge.  Neat huh? We save money and we get to drink our coke.

We got an IOU system going on in the house  and I handle the collection. All I do is jot down how much each family member owes and collect the amount when we need to buy another case again.

More on the 200ml bottle

The 200ml bottle, for some, is not enough.  For us avid coke-drinkers, it looked too small a bottle size. At first, I was not sold on the idea because of the size. But I got a trick going on and it works well for me.  The trick is to drink the coke after the food. I consume all the food and drink coke afterwards. I get satisfied that way. If I do the eat-drink-eat-drink routine, the 200ml bottle does not suffice.  It is a pretty neat trick for me. I drink less coke without feeling deprived.

Disclaimer: Cola-cola did not pay me to write about their product but if they wish to repay my loyalty, I welcome any form of good tidings! HAHA! 😀

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