5 Ideas for a Productive Summer

There is no reason to be bored nowadays. There are different gadgets and apps that keep a person occupied . Waiting in line is no longer a difficult chore because you can always play mobile games, listen to music,  watch videos and even pay bills. It can be tempting for parents to let these devices babysit their kids.  There are ways to keep kids occupied this summer without having to touch a computer game. What they can do is use these devices as tools for more productive activities. Adults can learn some new skills, too.  Albert Einstein said, ” One you stop learning, you start dying.”

Here are some productive activities you  and/or  your kids can do:

1. Art. Give a kid paper and crayons and let their imagination develop. For those who want to teach their kids the basics in art, there are many resources in the library and on the internet where you can develop the drawing skills of the kids. Here is a simple instruction on how to draw a lion .


Those are in for a challenge can sketch something as elaborate as this one.

Source: creativepro.com via kat on Pinterest


2. Snail mail. With the advent of email, sending out birthday cards became a novelty. It is nice to surprise a friend by sending a card through the mail.  Homemade cards are easy to make. How about this one for starters?


3. Plant something.  You can plant a tree.



Those who live in small spaces can start with an herb garden. The herbs can be used for cooking.



4. Discover new recipes. Tired of frying food all the time.  You can experiment on new recipes and  involved you kids in the preparation. It does not have to be complicated. How about this?



5. Summer classes. There are different summer classes available. Some are on crafts and some are of the academics type. A child can enjoy some play time and some advanced lessons or two. It does not hurt to engage them in advance Science or Math lessons. If that is too cerebral, how about learning a new language? A new language expands their world and it can get pretty handy when traveling. The world has become smaller with the advances in telecommunications and transportation. They can learn at their own pace by hiring a tutor. If you live in the United States, you can hire tutors at tutorspree.com where they have a meticulous method of screening their tutors to make sure your child gets the best learning experience possible.

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