Celebrity Pegs

Celebrities look like they have a spotlight hovering over them and every move they make is recorded. Oftentimes, they are put in a pedestal that we see even their simple achievements. However, the downside is that their silly mistakes are often magnified. It does take a toll on their lives. As an observer, it also grounds us.  It shows us that every person has personal battles to face. Such challenges chose no one. They may be  beautiful women, rich and popular, yet they are not immune to problems.  It must be difficult to live their lives and I would not wish that for myself.

If someone asks me right now who are my celebrity pegs, I have 3 beautiful women on top of my head. They are not my pegs just because they are popular and beautiful. These are women with character, attitude and qualities whom I think young and beautiful girls must emulate.

Lea Salonga

Source: Frederick M. Brown on Getty Images

Source: Frederick M. Brown on Getty Images

I have been a fan of her since forever. She has that crystal clear voice that makes you wonder if that is how angels sing. Beyond the golden voice, I admire her for being feisty in what she believes in. She is never afraid to say what is on her mind. In interviews, she is very eloquent that I have hoped that I can have the same confidence as her when in front of strangers and a huge crowd.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is proof that having a good sense of humor is sexy. Being smart is something to aspire for.

Sarah Jessica Parker

I was never a fan of ‘Sex and the City’.  Maybe because I never had the time to watch it when it was popular.  I always see Sarah Jessica Parker clad in gorgeous clothes that she seemed too high fashion for my taste.  I recently saw this video of hers and I am impressed at how down-to-earth she is and I love her home- nothing too high strung.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W511rtnnlZM]

These three women showed us that we do not need to be perfect girls to live a good life. We just have to be true to ourselves.

The Perks of Online Shopping

I love online shopping. It is very convenient.  All you have to do is sit comfortably in your own home and let the your fingers do some shopping.  There are so many nice things to choose from. Plus, you can compare prices and choose the better deal. It is easy to just charge it to your credit card. In a few days, the items are already on your doorstep. It is an ideal way to shop especially in this day and age where people live busy lives and the crowd at the mall can already cause undue stress.

Online shopping is also energy and cost efficient. Going to the mall means you have to drive to get there and that means spending for gas. That is not the only thing you are going to spend for. You will surely go hungry after shopping. We all know eating out can be expensive.

However, the downside of online shopping is that it is so tempting to just click and charge to your credit card. Before you know it, you have already racked up a huge bill. Sometimes it takes lot of self-control  not to click that buy button.   Good thing, there is a way to shop smart. I have two words for it:  online vouchers.  It is always wise to check for voucher codes for the brands you are shopping for. These codes are not necessarily visible in the websites but, if you know how and where to look for them, your online shopping experience will be a lot better.  You must keep in mind that every product you are buying may have an online voucher somewhere. This is particularly helpful especially when there are holidays like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and special occasions like birthdays and weddings. These  are occasions when you need to buy different things at the same time and having online vouchers can definitely decrease your spending.

Shop smartly, everyone!

A Day Trip to Corregidor

Since we still have time in Manila, I convinced my aunt that we take a day trip to Corregidor. I think the only way you can reach Corregidor is through Sun Cruises. Sun Cruises is located near the Folk Arts Theatre inside the CCP Complex.

The boat leaves Manila at 8:00AM and arrives Corregidor at 9:15AM.


The package tour already includes a guide and buffet lunch. It is something you must experience at least once. I am already okay with this one trip. War history buffs will surely appreciate the tour. There were things mentioned by the tour guide which I have already forgotten.

Since I want you to experience the tour itself, I will just leave you with photos. You must take the tour to learn about the stories behind each photo.  ( Yes, this is the excuse of  a blogger with a lot of backlogs!)


IMG_1610 IMG_1615 IMG_1638 IMG_1640 IMG_1643 IMG_1646 IMG_1656 IMG_1660 IMG_1690 IMG_1721 IMG_1723 IMG_1765 IMG_1795 IMG_1806 IMG_1817 IMG_1832

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