How to have a happy mood even when it rains

Summer just started yet I am hearing the rain slamming hard on my roof. The clip-clop sound  of dripping water on my ceiling is a sign that the roof needs fixing. I can actually see the warped plywood above my bed. It shows me the location of the leaks.  I live in a 26-year-old house so these problems are expected.

Since I cannot do anything about it right now, I distract myself from listening to music.  Thanks to Youtube, I can always search for songs I want to hear that are not on my playlist. Here is a the song that keeps me on a cheerful mood this rainy afternoon.

Lucy Schwartz’ Life in Letters. 

My blog is actually my life in letters, right? This was a closing song in the one of the episodes of ‘No Ordinary Family’. I love the melody. Some of the lyrics speak to me.

We are just stories, so here’s mine to tell
Give my heart freely, hope you keep it well
A is the ailment, and B makes it better
C is creating your life in letters


Today is Day 2 of the 30-day blogging challenge.


Put me in a meeting with a pen and paper and I’d end up doodling. In this Time article, it says that  “doodlers actually remember more than non-doodlers when asked to retain tediously delivered information”. So if you find me doodling in meetings, don’t call my attention because I am already listening. (Palusot!)

In the Internet age, doodling is raised to another level. There are online programs that allow doodlers like me express some creativity.

Can you see what I tried to draw? If you see a house, two trees,  two birds and some potted plants, you are right.  If you see other things, let me know. 😀 I used Scribbler for this one.

In our art class in high school, we were taught how to do still life. If I draw still life without seeing the objects, the easiest I can come up with is drawing of a cup and saucer. I used Scribbler Too for this one.

I was never into abstract art. Jackson Pollock was a popular artist in this style who used drip paint as a medium.  There is an online app that is inspired by Jackson Pollock. It simulates the strokes of a drip paint method without creating a mess and consuming large amount of paint.  Here’s my finished work.

This is quite therapeutic. It is a nice stress reliever.


Today is Day 1 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

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