Graphics and Quotes

I often post different cool graphics I find in the internet whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I often find myself shaking my head, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I had some free time so I tried to make the graphics myself by using quotes from a quotes collection. The font I used here is Helvetica. I read many people love this font. It is simple and clear.

I had fun in creating this simple graphic above.  So, I made another using one of the quotes on helpfulness.

Why don’t you try creating graphics using your favorite photo editor? It’s fun! You can think of clever quotes that you often say and start from there. If you can’t think of one right now, try one from the quotes on aspirations. Don’t forget to include the name of person quoted.

I think I found a hobby in creating graphics. This hobby combines my fondness for anything creative and my love for great quotes.  I understand the wise words better when I read them in a creative way. It is easy to get inspired by a wonderful quotation if it is presented in a nice (and sometimes colorful) manner.

The Baked Macaroni formerly known as The Lasagna

This was the first time I made baked macaroni.

I was supposed to make lasagna. I bought instant lasagna sheets. I know the box said “instant” but I did not follow the instructions. Instant lasagna sheets do not need be cooked in boiling water before arranging the layers for baking.  But I did for fear I might under-cook the pasta sheets. Minutes later,  I found myself trying to separate the sheets of boiled lasagna that stuck together to no avail. Sweat pooled over my brows. The meat sauce, cheese sauce and grated cheese were ready for assembly. Of course, I do not want to ruin the entire dish just because I insist on using the ruined pasta. No choice. I ran to the nearest grocery to buy lasagna sheets but they did not have any so I bought macaroni instead. Thus, we had baked macaroni that night.

My aunts liked what I cooked. That made me happy. I think I’ll just stick to baked macaroni for awhile. We still have leftovers that evening. We kept the leftovers in the fridge and just reheat the next day.

The Curious Mind

The thing I miss most about my father is his wealth of knowledge on a lot of things. I can ask him a lot of questions about science, sports and current events.  He explained aerodynamics and Bernoulli’s principle to an 8-year-old me when I asked why airplanes fly. We talked about metals floating and why an axe sinks in water but a huge ship floats.  I laughed when he told me a story about Archimedes and his Eureka-moment. Conversations were always interesting with Papa so it prompted me to do some research on my own so I have something to share to him, too. The Internet was not invented then so I would go to the school library and search for answers to my own questions like “why does it rain?” or why the sky is blue. As I grew up, our conversations became more about living the best life.

Papa and a 5-year-old me

I am a lucky girl. With Internet, when my cousin asks me questions, I can just Google and I get answers. 😉 I wish I can give her smart answers from the top of my head but I can’t. She often asks me questions on her science assignments. I once complained, ” Haven’t you seen my college diploma? I am a math major. How are you doing with your math?” Then my aunt quipped, “ Hey, you come from a science high school.” Touché. Even things that pop in my head like why do cats purr? or what do the different dog barks mean?, I can easily search the answers. I understand why Encyclopedia Britannica had to stop printing but I still feel sad about the news. Hey, there is always the digital edition.

There are some questions I try not to answer and just direct people to their own Internet research. Questions like “why do guys cheat?” should be answered by experts. 😉


I love lists!

My father had a book that lists the “7 Wonders of the Ancient World”, “7 Wonders of Nature”, etc. Our conversations involved enumerating the seven wonders from memory. If you ask me now, I can name some of them: Pyramids of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, Temple of Diana, Temple of Zeus, the Lighthouse of the Pharaohs, the Hanging Garden of Babylon and a mausoleum in Ephesus. I think I just named seven. Let us check Google if I got them right.

This is from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia screenshot: I got a few names wrong.

The Temple of Artemis is also called the Temple of Diana.  Artemis is a deity in the Greek mythology. The Roman counterpart is Diana.  (In the same way,  Aphrodite is to Venus as Zeus is to Apollo.)  The Lighthouse of the Pharaohs was in Alexandria so I think I got that right, too.  The Statue of Zeus was in a temple.  I got the mausoleum location wrong, though.

Don’t ask me about the seven wonders of nature. I think the Grand Canyon and the Amazon (rainforest, not the online store) are on that list but don’t trust my memory on that. We can always check Google to verify. 😉

Famous Lists

I came across a list of famous ghost towns. Sounds creepy, right? Number 2 on the list is Kowloon Walled City. I missed this in Hong Kong. I did some research and the area was already converted into a park in 1995. There are photos in the Internet of how the place looked before it was demolished. It looked scary.

One day, when I get the opportunity to visit Hong Kong again, I’ll have a park tour. Hong Kong has a lot of parks and gardens nestled between skyscrapers and I’ve only been to three.

Left to right: Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Park, Nan Lian Garden

Just for fun, I looked at the list of popular movie villains. The Joker played by Jack Nicholson in the batman movie first came to mind and he ‘s not on the list.  I guess some people find other characters much scarier than The Joker. (One commenter on the site agreed with my choice, though. ) Since the list is all about famous villains of all time, The Joker may have been less scary than the new ones that were created like Voldemort.

Faunus ater

Faunus ater is a species of snails found in brackish water.(Source: Wikipedia)

I googled the name and I found out that there are people who grow them in their aquariums.  Some people even posted Youtube videos of the snails in aquarium.

This is Faunus ater. In local dialect, we call this Banisil.  We bought this for Php10 per can at the wet market.

This was my lunch last Thursday. If the French has escargot, I had banisil in coconut cream with ginger. Fancy, huh?

To eat this, you pick a shell and suck the meat inside. Notice the first picture, those were the uncooked snails and the ends had already been cut so it is easier to suck the meat when there is an “exhaust” for the air to escape. The meat comes in two textures. You get to eat the cartilaginous top first and the end which has a sandy texture last. I quickly got full. It can be due to the coconut cream or the tendency to suck air inside instead of the meat.  (Hello, flatulence!)

What did you have for lunch?

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