6 Things I Learned This Week

I always wish that there are more than 24 hours a day.  I have a lot of pending things to do before leaving for vacation. I have only three days left do them all. Despite the tight schedule, I learned lots of things this week.

1. Online loading

I discovered that I can load my phone through BDO’s online banking system.. I enrolled my mobile phone number and immediately tried their service. I got  the amount even before I logged out of the system. It was fast and instantaneous. I hope I won’t abuse this feature.

2. Cheaper printer ink

I have not used my printer in almost a year. I try to go paperless as much as I can. It is eco-friendly and budget-friendly. However, I need to print tickets and itinerary for the trip. My printer ink costs Php700. I already tried the refillable kind and it does not work for me. I ended up spending more. So I went to my favorite computer shop to buy my ink. The owner introduced me to a budget-friendly version: still an original ink but at a cheaper price.  Nice move, HP!

My ink at P440 with original labels and all!

It only costs P440. The shop owner told me that it prints lighter than the P700 version which I do not mind because I always use “draft-mode” when I print to save ink. I think it prints pretty good. I do not see the difference between this and my old HP ink.  I am happy with my savings! 3. Cafe Mocha

I learned that I can have a more delicious and richer cup of instant coffee if I mix coffee and milo.This kept me awake while I worked. 4. First day of school

It has been a long time since I graduated from school and the only school-aged person in the house just got back from vacation so the frenzy of shopping for school supplies was out of our radar. We did not realize it until we were walking in the sidewalk of our small town and we literally bumped into people. I could hear my personal bubble space bursting.  hehe! My aunt wanted to buy a bag for the our trip so off to the weekend ukay-ukay street bazaar we went. She did not find the bag she wanted. 🙁

5. I really, really love the friends that I have

Nah, I knew this a long, long time ago. Thefriends that I have from childhood, grade school, high school, college, work and others I met along the way, I treasure them. This week’s frenzy made me remember this thought. We got an exciting news from one friend that it triggered 2,500+ chat messages (and counting!).


Source: goo.gl via kat on Pinterest


I think my friends and I will be like these two in the future. HA!


Source: Uploaded by user via kat on Pinterest


6. Unconditional Parenting

A friend wrote a lovely letter to her husband about the joy of parenting. She and her husband have an unconventional way of parenting and it worked well with their kids. I wish I can post her letter here but  I think it deserves a place in parenting magazines. Maybe I should convince her to blog. 😀

It has been a full week and I have another full week ahead!





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Two weeks

It was a busy two weeks and I am still catching up with my backlog.

Alumni homecoming is a big deal in this city. Three high schools had their homecoming in one day.  The thing is, I did not graduate high school in any of these schools so whenever May comes, I am always stuck at home while everyone else went to their high school reunion. My aunt celebrated her golden jubilee and I joined her this time so that I would experience it at least once in my lifetime.  (Mama was not able to reach her golden jubilee.)

The day started with a motorcade. It is was a pretty morning.

Lunch was in Banza in a private venue. Lunch was served in a boat. Cool!

The menu was composed of local delicacies like pao. Pao is a root crop similar to camote (sweet potato) and it is usually dipped in latik (caramel sauce made of coconut milk and sugar).

The venue was idyllic.

In the evening was the grand celebration.

Giselle Sanchez was the guest performer and there were no dull moments with her performance.

A week after was fiesta time.

We had guests so we prepared food.

My aunt took care of the presentation. I think she did a good job.

When the guests were all gone, my cousins and I decided to go out of town and check out the swimming pool in Cabadbaran.  The sun was already setting.

  There was a pool area with a huge slide.

This was a mini-reunion of sorts. My cousins and I seldom get together. It was also our little boy‘s first out-of-town trip. He loves the water.

By Sunday, we are too tired to do anything. We ate leftovers. This is the photo of the leftover salad I had for lunch that day which I shared on Facebook.


My cousin, who is a wonderful photographer, enhanced my photo. Now it looks like this.



I was supposed to checkout the annular solar eclipse last Monday but I went to church early in the morning because it was my mother’s 7th death anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been seven years and I still miss her dearly.

I was not able to witness the eclipse. Besides, I do not have the special viewing glasses. I took the photo of the sun at 6:30 AM using my phone’s camera.  The sun was so bright. No eclipse. (Or maybe I just did not see it. )

It was a good two weeks. Now I wish for this one.



5 Secrets of Happy People

Although I have my moments of sadness, I always have a happy disposition. I have the advantage of being an only child. I can easily amuse myself even if I am alone. While I enjoy the happy solitude, I also treasure the company of other people. Good conversation over good food and the laughter that ensued never fail to warm my heart.

I found this article online.  So let me share the 5 secrets happy people know and what I know.

1.  Be grateful.

For this week, I thank a thoughtful aunt for these yummy treats.

2. Novelty keeps the life fresh.  I  am still as curious as when I was a kid. I am willing to try anything new.  (Wag lang buwis buhay.)  I learned to cook baked mussels this week inspired by Connie Veneracion. (cook? bake? redundant. pagbigyan niyo na. hehe)

We also tried making these: iced coffee jelly, ginataang bilo-bilo with mais and ube jam.

3. Set humble goals. I am content with what I have but I do admire people with big dreams who work hard towards achieving them.

4. Go with the (fitness) flow. I remember one of Reese Witherspoon’s line in Legally Blonde: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

I do not have an exercise regimen but I do walk the dog morning and afternoon everyday (when the weather is good). I fear I might grow bigger muscles in my right arms because it takes a lot of strength (more like resistance) to control our hyperactive dog.

5.  Share the wealth.  I do not have much material wealth to share to begin with. What I do have is time and big smile (kita gilagid). Both I am willing to share. If you find it hard to smile, just look at this adorable photo.


Happiness is the cure

If I check the statistics,  I am already approaching midlife.  My father died at 69. My mother, 61. If I base my own mortality on my parents’, the 30’s is my midlife.  No, I am not having a crisis nor an emo moment. I sometimes think of my health when I eat too much. HA! Excuse my morbid thoughts but I sometimes wonder what disease will kill me in the future.  I fear it might be a problem on the digestive system. I have abused those organs for years. 😳

I’ve always been a healthy child.  I am not using ‘healthy’ as a euphemism for being ‘fat’ or ‘chubby’.  I am healthy because I do not get sick often. I have been admitted to the hospital only once in my life and I cannot even remember it because I was a baby then.  I get cough and colds during the rainy season. I cannot remember the last time I had fever.  When I proudly pointed out to my mother that I am always healthy, she told me the reason why: it is what she prayed for. (Awww <3. l love you and miss you, mama.)

Life is short. Even with proper nutrition and lifestyle change, there is still no guarantee for longevity. For whatever health conditions a person may have, I think that happiness is the cure. 😀

Source:  http://sayingimages.com/happiness-quotes-best-images-with-quotes-about-happiness/

Source: http://sayingimages.com/happiness-quotes-best-images-with-quotes-about-happiness/

The Curious Mind

The thing I miss most about my father is his wealth of knowledge on a lot of things. I can ask him a lot of questions about science, sports and current events.  He explained aerodynamics and Bernoulli’s principle to an 8-year-old me when I asked why airplanes fly. We talked about metals floating and why an axe sinks in water but a huge ship floats.  I laughed when he told me a story about Archimedes and his Eureka-moment. Conversations were always interesting with Papa so it prompted me to do some research on my own so I have something to share to him, too. The Internet was not invented then so I would go to the school library and search for answers to my own questions like “why does it rain?” or why the sky is blue. As I grew up, our conversations became more about living the best life.

Papa and a 5-year-old me

I am a lucky girl. With Internet, when my cousin asks me questions, I can just Google and I get answers. 😉 I wish I can give her smart answers from the top of my head but I can’t. She often asks me questions on her science assignments. I once complained, ” Haven’t you seen my college diploma? I am a math major. How are you doing with your math?” Then my aunt quipped, “ Hey, you come from a science high school.” Touché. Even things that pop in my head like why do cats purr? or what do the different dog barks mean?, I can easily search the answers. I understand why Encyclopedia Britannica had to stop printing but I still feel sad about the news. Hey, there is always the digital edition.

There are some questions I try not to answer and just direct people to their own Internet research. Questions like “why do guys cheat?” should be answered by experts. 😉

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