Merry, Merry Mail Swap

I joined a mail swap organized by Hey Kessy. Hey Kessy is an online shop that sells washi tapes.  Since I love D-I-Y projects, the idea of sending them to another person and receiving some craft projects excites me. The theme for December mail swap is Christmas. We are supposed to fill a package with anything Christmas-related. Handmade objects were preferred.



This afternoon, I got my package from Isobelle. It was placed in brown envelope customized with a snowflake cut-out.

I knew this is something special. Look how she used dainty paper doily to write a note for me.

I love her penmanship and the red/white motif.

I also got a handmade rubber stamp and stamped envelopes . I am going to use this when I wrap my presents this Christmas.

These are embroidered tags. Galing no?

The awesome part of the package is this intricate cutout of her wish to me. So beautiful! What a sweet lady!

Plus, I got peppermint candies as a bonus. I love how they are consistent with the red/white theme.

My uncle and aunts were quick to eat a piece each. I love the candies, too!

Thank you, Isobelle, for my loot! Here is my wish for you!



Because Isobelle made lovely things for me, I now worry if the recipient of my package liked what I sent over. I am not really an excellent crafter. I had several ideas in mind but it never materialized because I lacked the skills needed. 🙁 So, I stuck with projects I know how. 😀 I will do better next time. 😀


DIY Customized Gift Wrapping Paper

It was the baptism of my friend’s second daughter.  I already had a gift but the place where I bought my gift did not sell gift wrapping paper or gift boxes. Good thing, it was near a fabric store so I bought 2 meters of ribbon there for P4.00/meter.

I decided to create a customized wrapping paper by printing the baby’s name on a colored typewriting paper. I found few pieces in my files. I originally decided to use plain white bond paper but changed my mind when I found specialty paper with a light pink tint.

I typed the baby’s name repeatedly and printed it on the paper.

I used the paper to wrap the box which contained my gift. I tied a ribbon over it. Voila!

I need to use tape to fasten the three sheets of paper. I decided to use these tapes I bought a year ago for P25/batch.

The yellow tape caught my attention.  Probably because it is the only yellow in the batch.

Hmm, I think I ruined my gift design. Ha! The party was for the baby so I hope the whimsical tape was understandable. I also realized that I forgot to put my name on the gift. I hope my friend was able to figure out that the gift was from me.

The giveaway during the party was a cupcake.

Not a real cupcake though. It is a hand towel that is shaped into a cupcake. Cute.  I don’t think I will ever use that hand towel. I don’t want to ruin the design.  😀

There are other ways of wrapping gifts.  Start collecting the comics pages of the newspaper or colorful pages from a magazine. Christmas is near!

Here are some ideas from Pinterest.


Source: via Donna on Pinterest


Source: via tanika on Pinterest


Nice ideas.


DIY Tie Dye

Do you have a favorite shirt? I do and I tend to wear them over and over after every wash. At some point, the shirt would look like rag and I would still wear it.  HA! Sometimes, my laundry skills fail me.  I had two white shirts that had faint yellow stains that even though I often prefer comfort over fashion and cleanliness over beauty, I feel that I should do something about the stains. I already tried removing the stains using bleach. I found inspiration from Pinterest on what do with these shirts.


Source: via kat on Pinterest

So I bought some packs of dye from an office supplies store.

There are instructions at the back of the packet on how to use them. I was eyeing on the stripes and swirls design. I strategically tied the area to get my desired design.  I started to soak the shirt on the dye mixture one color at a time. Here are my tie-dyed shirts after I hung them to dry.

I now have two new shirts. My next project would be this design.


Origami: Anti-Aging?

I recently read this New York Times article.

When it comes to mental agility, we’re more likely to think of crosswords than cross-stitch. But neuroscientists suspect that learning a challenging new skill — a new language, a new musical instrument — may be even more effective than mental games at keeping the brain sharp. And quilting is more complicated than it may seem.

Even before I shared this link, my friend already took up quilting as a hobby and her quilts are beautiful.

I do not have the drive to learn quilting but I wanted to learn other skills so I thought of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. This website showed step-by-step instructions. This is what I produced after 2 hours of folding. I used the pages from an old magazine.

From the top; left to right: rose bowl, day lily, lily, 8-petal flower, tulip, cornflower

 Here are some cute origami decors I found in the Internet:





Who wants an origami wedding bouquet?



I should start collecting cute wrapping papers (and quit doing sudoku).


This is supposed to be Day 21 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

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