Got Firmoo?

I saw this little ad last month.

I reckoned, ” I am a blogger.  I need RX sunglasses for my astigmatism. Summer is near.”  The deal is too good to be true.  I emailed the contact person on that site and he answered all my queries.  If you notice that little Firmoo link on the side bar, this is the reason. I placed the link and then sent my choice of sunglasses and my prescription.  Good thing my optometrist gave me the details of my prescription when I bought my eyeglasses last October.  Fifteen days after I sent my details, these came in the mail.

Props to the Philippine Postal Corporation, I only paid P40 for these. I’ve heard complaints of people who ordered from international sellers that they are charged with custom fees with an amount more than the value of the item. I have not experienced that yet. I hope I won’t experience that in the future.

I know I ordered a masculine-looking sunglasses.  Force of habit, I guess. I used to borrow my father’s sunglasses.

Summer, here I come!

Firmoo offers free eyeglasses or sunglasses for your first order. Just pay for the shipping fee. Check out the details on their site.  If you are a blogger, you know what to do.

Note to Friends

This is my futile attempt to create an artwork in my cheap uber-cool planner. In time, this will be filled with doodles.

I finally shared this blog to friends. (Although, some friends found their way to my blog.) It took some time to share my blog to everyone because I’m shy. I am not shy when sharing blog posts to strangers. I would happily link up my posts during online discussions. With friends, I fear criticisms. There, I said it. Unfavorable replies hurt when they come from people whose opinions matter me.  I just have to conquer this fear.  Fear feeds worries and my life’s goal is to live with less worries. (Correct grammar should have been “fewer worries”.) If I was brave enough to travel with Sendong even after I saw the damage and traveled again through Lanao del Norte at night, whatever fear (of criticisms) I had was immaterial. I had to get over this hurdle and move on. All it took was one wall post on Facebook. This blog post is my way of saying thanks to my friends for being kind. Don’t worry I won’t spill our secrets. 😉

BC Bloggers


I am spreading my wings so joined a blogging group. It is a fun way to link up with fellow bloggers and connect with a lot of them. As much as I have a lot of stories to tell, there are also a lot of others stories to read. I like reading as much as writing so here I am in a community of bloggers.

Through the years, I have been blogging on and off. I wrote about my interests and experiences when I like it. Most of the time, procrastination kicks and blog gets neglected.   The reason I blog is to improve on my writing and one has to write ever single day to achieve that. I still have not reached that level but by joining this group, I hope I get inspiration to persevere in this effort. To start with, I made this blog more personal by writing a lot about my life. I know it  sounds a little narcissistic. It is my way to examine myself and process my thoughts in a coherent manner.

BC Bloggers Secret is founded by Paula as a way to connect with other bloggers and eliminate the tedious process of link exchanges. If you are interested,  join  us here!


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